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Oh man, I just hopped on the Orient Envoy drop. I hope this comes around again, I'd love to get my hands on it.
Was this ssa cheaper last few drops? I don't remember it being at this price.
I bought it at this exact price last time it got a drop.
It was $189.99 in the last drop when I bought it.
Wonder what this one sold for?
An unboxing video of the SSA-231.
Is the model with the black hands going to be available again in a future drop?
oh man, id be all over it if it was the ssa213j2 instead. this one is similar, but not nearly as pretty

Are all the products on Massdrop authentic?
Yes, I have bought several items, all are authentic.
Thanks for the input. I truly appreciate the feed back.
Hello, anyone know if its made in Japan? Thanks!
From the closeup of the face, Japan is not indicated which typically means assembled in Malaysia, however from much reading, the Japan marking between 6 and 7 on many seiko watches means assembled in Malaysia under supervision of a Japanese supervisor.
I bought one in the last drop, and it is a very nice piece, and yes not a "Made in Japan" version, more than likely made in Malaysia.
How much is the shipping cost to Israel?
Depends on your address you put once you're in the checkout.
After I pose these observations, I’m sure there will be many answers and theories.
1- Every watch I have seen on massdrop that uses Roman numerals has IIII at the 4 o’clock position. Unless someone has changed history, the Roman numeral for “4” is IV. There is no such numeral as IIII.
2- On this and many other watches, not all, have the numerals upside down from the V (5 o’clock) thru the VIII (8 o’clock). On Arabic numbered watches the 4 o’clock through the 8 o’clock position are correctly orientated. Also noted is the fact that the correct Roman numeral is used for 9 o’clock ( IX) not VIIII.
Any thought, theories or general harrumphing?
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There are stories about alignment and some stories related to some king's preference of the numeral 4. This is common with many watches. Even the famous Cartiers, Pateks, Audemars will have the IIII.
Pretty sure point 2 had to do with old sundials. They were often done that way as well.
Why are the roman numerals wrong? Look at the 4 it should be IV not IIII. The same with the orient watch drop going on
from google

" Imagine a watch face with roman numerals, and look at the numerals opposite to each other - all of them are in perfect balance, except for the 'heavy' VIII and the 'light'IV; optical balance is re-established by printing an also 'heavy' IIII. Therefore the main reason why this is done is for symmetry reasons. "
Wow as an engineer that makes me really sad.