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Seiko Prospex Kinetic Diver's Watch

Seiko Prospex Kinetic Diver's Watch


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I picked up an early production model of this watch. It had charging issues and I sent if off for repair. The repair worked for a couple of months, went back to skipping seconds and I put the watch away. Eventually sent it off for repair to a "kinetic" specialist and it has worked perfectly ever since. Find this is my daily wear watch. I purchased another Seiko Kinetic model a few months ago and after numerous efforts to charge it above the five minute indicator that did not work, returned it. If I try again I will make sure the watch charges before wearing. Love this model!
The specs here say the lug width is 20mm but ive seen some sites say 25mm - any help is appreciated
Lug width is 20mm.
Thank you
Yes, just to comment on the watch again, I understand that this is actually a quartz movement, and the Kinetic design is a rotor that charges up a battery or capacitor for power (don't know which in this particular watch).

Ironically, I just strapped this watch on today for charging purposes, and when I look on MD, it's available again.

I remain impressed with the accuracy of the sample I received.

I've had this watch for 4-5 months or longer, and just checked it on the WatchCheck app for accuracy. It's gained a little less than one second in all that time.

I have the dark version of this (discontinued), one of my favorite watches, it’s my daily wearer and I love it. the wrist presence is outstanding. I’m picking this one up as well here, it’s $365 on Amazon. Once you build up the power reserve you can leave it for months, that’s not an issue (for me).
Buy a watch winder if you do not give it a lot of wrist time it will die, and then step in strange increments until it recharges the internal battery,also you can not manually wind it ,also very common to have lame chapter rings , like the one I own.
This is very tempting... It's too bad the black ion-plated version of this watch (ref. SKA427P1) is discontinued and not available in this drop.
I got this watch very recently from the last drop.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to be $30 more this time from what I purchased it for in the last drop.

Regardless, it’s a very solid watch. Very muscular with good heft. Much more handsome in person than in the photos, IMO.

The sample I received measures +0.0 s/d average time gained or lost after 5 days of measuring on the WatchCheck app. So just about a perfect timekeeper.

I doubt they are all spot on like that, so I feel really fortunate to get such an accurate one.

A good watch!
Can you post a link to the retailer with similar price and warranty? I cannot find anything remotely close to this price.
Will it be numbered? It is considered a collector's watch?
Not worth it at all
Not sure this listing was worth it Massdrop?
No warranty and similar prices from other retailers. I'll pass.
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