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Seiko Prospex Kinetic GMT Watch

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An attractive watch, however no warranty kills this drop for me. :(
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This is from the Massdrop Help Page: Some products purchased on Massdrop do include a manufacturer's warranty. These products will have the warranty listed on the drop page. Products that do not come with a manufacturer's warranty will be subject to a 30-day return policy linked here.NOTE: Effective January 2017, the 1-year Massdrop warranty is no longer available for products that are not covered by a manufacturer warranty. Massdrop will honor the warranty for drops in which it was originally offered. If you experience any issues with your product and it is within the 1-year warranty period, please contact Massdrop Support for assistance. 
Thank you. Manufacturer warranty would be an absolute for me since I live in India and it would cost about half the watch cost to ship it to Massdrop anyway.

Thank you for this info.
Kinetic only makes sense if you will wear it often. the kinetic mechanism consists of a mechanical charger and a battery. It takes a lot of wear to charge the battery a little

I bought a kinetic diver for use on occasion (e.g., on vacations, etc.) . Unfortunately realized after buying it that it needs regular wear to keep charged. if the battery goes too low (from non use), the battery will get damaged and will need to be replaced.

Automatic or solar are better options for infrequently used watches
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Whatever, dude. As I’ve said many times already: I bought the watch for only occasional use and that it wasn’t ideal for my needs. All I wanted to do was to inform others that it may not meet theirs – I’ve done that – so I’m done here.

I'm not going to keep going back and forth with you; I generally don't like engaging with people whose first impulse is to make personal attacks when they disagree. (Come on, are you really that offended that I suggested the movement in your watch may not meet everybody’s needs?)

I’m thankfully not in a wheelchair and quite fit (albeit not European – why did you even bring that up???) but think it’s rather pathetic that you choose to suggest those were the reasons the watch didn’t meet my needs. I’m done here.
I think it's the other way around and it became personal for you. Because quite frankly, my reactions are based on your own claims and then the odd advice that comes from it.

So let's dissect that for a minute before you can play the "he attacked me personally " card (like where?).

Your own words:

"Kinetic only makes sense if you will wear it often. "

We already established this watch has a max reserve of 6 months. So if you wear it like twice or three times a year it should be fine: even if you wear it less, you give it a few shakes to wake it up and it will move again.

"It takes a lot of wear to charge the battery a little ".

To put that into perspective: we established that with this movement you can get a 10 day charge if you only wear it for 12 hours and move your arm about 4 times a minute (or 20 times in 5 minutes).

That, sir, is by any standard not: "a lot of wear to charge the battery (...) a little". I think it's fair to say that any healthy, average person meets those criteria. And in fact, if you actively engage in any kind of physical exercise, you probably get 10 days of charge in way less time...

"if the battery goes too low (from non use), the battery will get damaged and will need to be replaced. "

No, the battery doesn't get "damaged" from running "too low" because it doesn't run "too low" as it shuts off to prevent just that from happening. Off course, like all quartz watches, you will eventually have to replace your capacitor/battery. But there are many Seiko kinetics - even from the older series - that run easily for +10 years.

"I wear mine primarily on vacation and can't get it charged fully, even after 2 weeks of wear. "

That, sir, tells us more about you then that it is a sound source for advice. If you do the math for this Seiko with the 5M85 kinetic movement and you wear it 14 days, 24x7 you should get 6 months easily.

So you are basing your advice to others for this watch on what? Apparently on owning a Seiko with another movement and on the fact that you apparently (just doing the math here) don't move around enough in 14 days a year to get your watch charged.

So yeah, if you want to cry about "personal attacks" while I'm pointing out every flaw in your arguments and flawed advice - as it is based on your own anecdotal experience based on NOT even owning this particular watch and NOT based on this particular movement coupled with a obviously "less than active" lifestyle - then by all means be my guest.

I'm done here...

Done with Seiko watches. Had high hopes from my Scuba. It loses 3 minutes a week. Wish they used real crystal watch faces. Hardlex scratches. Bought two Seikos from Massdrop. I'm done! Stick with my Omega.
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I bought two different Seiko s via Massdrop. Both automatics and both lose minutes a week. Done with them.
Define "minutes" ... 2? 10? 5?
I currently own 6 Seiko's and 3 are automatics (1 kinetic, 1 solar, 1 quarts) and they really do not drift more than 2-3 minutes in about 2 weeks. In fact I'm pretty surprised each time I put one in rotation, at how accurate the are. Talking for instance about the SKX009K1 and SKX007K1, and those are "only" 21 jewels...
If yours drift more than 5 minutes a week I would call that a warranty issue...

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Hey Massdrop, Have you seen what this is going for on Ebay? I thought our buying power would get us a better price.
it's a bit too busy for me.
Cheaper on EBay - $192
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Dude, He's got a 100% feedback score with 7235 reviews. Hardly risky at all.
Dude, You also need to brush up on your math! It's more like $26. That is substantial in my book.
I have a few Seiko Solar watches and they all perform flawlessly. This kinetic GMT is beautiful looking and with a 6 month battery reserve you can not go wrong. Love this watch!!
What type of crystal does this have?
Hardlex glass