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Seiko Prospex Solar SSC Watch

Seiko Prospex Solar SSC Watch

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I've had this very watch on my 'to buy' list for a couple of years now but at this price, which is pretty much the going price online, I don't feel compelled to join the drop. Maybe I'm a cheapskate but I need to see a 10-20% discount to compel me to buy.
Costco has had this one repeatedly on sale for less than $100 bucks.
Is the Pepsi SCC019 (all that's left) the red and blue dial with the stainless Steel band?
Got sent a cheaper version of this watch with the rubber scrap....wheres the value in that?
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Let's hope they will get back to us soon. I will keep you updated if i hear anything.

Got the option of a partial refund or full refund + paid postage back to massdrop
I would prefer this with a black bezel and dial in a GMT or non-chronograph version.
Just checked.....they don't have THIS watch.
Am I missing the 'value' of this drop? Looks like the same watch can be purchased from Creation Watches (with free 2-day shipping) for only $4.01 more. Looking at the issues with shipping on the last drop, that 2% difference in price might not be worth joining the drop. I don't know much about Creation Watches, but the reviews seem good. I don't feel 'pressured' to make a hasty decision to purchase here for not much of a discount, and a lot longer shipping. But, I guess any savings is a savings.
Ive bought so many watches from them they are excellent. And because i live in malaysia the watches take just a day to deliver. I don't get how this piece is almost identical to the 200usd pricing on creation watches. Why in the world would anyone purchase one here? Sounds like the numbers might not even be real
Which is better for timing, a diver or a chronograph? Not to worry, this watch has it all.
Lol! Why's the bezel in that position in all of the pictures? Haha
my oder
Seiko Prospex Solar SSC Watch
Order # MD-43787-2097394
Estimated Ship Date Aug 14, 2017 PT
Drop Status Order placed with the vendor

Please inform me of the exact status information.
Good Morning Massdrop!
Any updates on shipping?
Thank you!
Where is my order is any update is it shipped or still the shipping is pending?
Any update on this drop? Is it going to be shipping on time today?
This drop disappeared from my transactions list. Whats happening?
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Mine just disappeared. No messages or emails, nothing. I've already paid as well.
Ah nevermind. Checked the account and I got refunded. Just gonna get it elsewhere then.