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Seiko Prospex SRPA Automatic Watch

Seiko Prospex SRPA Automatic Watch

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Thanks again MD crew, love this watch! Didn't realize this was a JDM until I got it!
I had to buy the Prospex SRPA77J in the last drop, have worn it some with the included brown leather band, and have also swapped the strap out for a N.A.T.O. strap "Goldfinger" Black Red Olive Stripe pattern and the watch looks good on this strap green stripe complements the green face and the red stripe matches the North indicator of the compass bezel.
Pricing was much better than what I have been seeing for these models especially considering the "J" version.
The band I got from Wrist Candy Club

Nice looking watch. A review here:

Where are these watches shipped from, just wondering if I'm going to be hit hard by customs in the UK?
I believe they have their shipping department located in Pennsylvania USA, the last item I bought from them was shipped from there.
This is a Japanese only watch....the "J" in the model number. Ships from Japan. Just bought one on eBay. Great looking watch.
Will this come with a manufacturer warranty?
Will there be anymore stock of the silver bezel
A "casual dress watch for active wearers"?? Dude, it's a field watch, get with the program.
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Haha. Yeah, "casual dress"? Is that like a tux made out of sweatpant material?
Ha. Probably one of the rocket scientists at MD. The worst
How are the steel bracelets sold out when nobody even purchased or committed?
9 weeks ago.. They must have re-opened this..
Shipped 6/21.. and I'm still waiting.. got stuck in transit in Germany since 6/27.. Hope everything's fine and will reach me soon!
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Dang. Feels bad man ahaha. Thanks for letting us know!
Don’t bet on it bro
Hey-oh! Just got the shipping notif! Shouldn't be long now!
Couldn't wait until Monday. Grabbed it from the past office!
wow..sold out already, this is a fast one. Will this drop consider ended. So this can be process sooner?
Maybe Seiko will see this as an opportunity to sell even more of their watches on Massdrop... (hint hint, nudge nudge)
Great post @Flypanam ! Very clear explanations there
I know I'm dense but what use is the inner compass bezel?
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Also, if you already know the position of the sun, doesn't that solve the problem of "which direction am I facing"?
If you're sitting in a Starbucks sipping on your Pumpkin Spice Mocha Latte Double Espresso and it's dark outside, will this watch tell you the position of the sun so you can calculate which end sniffs and which end smells? Poseur wear alert!!!!
Dang dang I missed this watch!!! how can I get one if they are all sold out already? Will there be more offered? dang it!
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Go to an actual good website ie Joma Shop or island watch. Pay less and get it in three days not three months
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speaking of ridiculous retail pricing...
id take a seiko automatic over a movado any day. seiko is no longer your grandfather's seiko. from the modestly priced turtle and samurai to grand seikos i prefer them to many of my swiss watches. actually sold my tag to fund a seiko (though to be fair the tag was a quartz).
The Prospex SRPA is definitely a good looking watch. Does it come with any warranty? I didn't see any listed on the drop.
I like the design of this watch, but sadly the lack of sapphire crystal is a deal breaker.
I have Hardlex on my much more expensive Blumo, very happy about it so far. If you're not, changing it to saphire shouldn't cost you too much?
Would anyone dive or has anyone dived with this watch? I really dig the look but don't have a high opinion of watches with just 100m resistance for doing the 40ft dives I like in the ocean or in lakes.
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I think people really overestimate how much water movement a watch encounters when scuba diving - if you're flapping your arms around, you are doing it seriously wrong; most movements are slow and smooth with arms tucked close to your torso. Yes, movement will increase pressure acting on the watch, but we are not doubling it imho. I'm just going by 15+ years of teaching scuba diving; the only time I've seen a 30m+ watch fail is when it was smashed against rocks by surge, due to a miss-timed exit.
Having said that; I personally use a 300m rated olympics, they are robust as hell but cheap enough that I won't cry when it inevitably gets a tank dropped on it... but, I dive, a LOT. If you do the odd pleasure dive on holidays, the odds of your 50m watch failing are miniscule. IMHO, manufacturers are inflating the recommended depth ratings to get people to buy a "special" watch for those once a year dive occasions that most rec divers experience.
Now, if doing some edge of an envelope, tri-mix, dive; yeah I would get a 400m+ rated bomb proof watch - even if it happens once a year - but, this is not what we are talking about.
TL;DR - 15 years of teaching scuba, never saw a 30m+ watch fail on rec. dive. Not something to worry about unless you dive all the time.
PS. I'm going to give an unsolicited plug to -never paid more than 200$ for one, but, they are amazing work horses that are near bomb proof - however, when you finally drop it off the side of the boat; it's not some finely crafted automatic that you will miss. Industrial strength tool, is all - but has a simple charm because of it. My watch will die every year or two - never while on a dive, but it will get a tank dropped on it, or go flying overboard, or will get loaned to a client that will "forget" to return it etc etc - if you just got certified, and are looking for a never fail watch, that you won't get sad over destroying - you won't find better. Having said that, my partner's has been going for years without an issue, so longevity is not a problem (and they are easy to service if you are in the wops.)
Thanks for the manifesto dude. You lost me after the third paragraph
Really waiting for a Seiko diver watch with this movement...
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Thank you for the clear and thorough explanation!
Fantastic instruction. Very patient with the new guy too. Well done.
Can we order the green dial with the metal band?
This is a great watch, with the 4r35 movement it's got a feature set as good as a Hamilton at 2-3x times the price.
I'm not familiar with compassed function on watches, how would it be used? I presume it's not a true compass given that magnetism would interfere with movement and vice versa.
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Champion. Thanks. Suppose I should have just searched it up. I'll read the article now, am a bit info overloaded these days. Lol. Thanks again
No problem at all, here to help.
Couldn't find reviews, but joined anyway! Got the 77 with the green dial. Reminds me of the Alpinist, but with a bigger face (welcomed for me).
Love the rotating bezel for compass!
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Indeed. From the pictures, it seems like the SRPA doesn't have the sunburst effect on the green dial that the Alpinist has.
Don't get me wrong, I really like the way the SRPA looks, but again from pictures it seems to wear very different than the SARB017. The Alpinist almost wears like a dress watch, with its small sizes, golden but discreet indexes, sunburst dials... The SRPA seems to wear much sportier with its larger and very lumed indexes, larger case and bezel, etc... I like the looks of both, but for different uses. And for the "sporty" black busy dial use, I currently have an obsession for the pilot chronograph SNA411P1. Even more so since I can't find a seller that ships them to Belgium, anywhere on the net, including all sellers on the Bay. It drives me nuts, the watch is discontinued and I might miss the last remaining new ones because I live on the wrong end of the planet. Did I mention I'm gutted? :)
This being said, the more I look at the SRPA, the more I like it, there's definitely something that screams "classic" about it. I'm sure you'll love it, I wish I didn't have my current obsession on the other one, gotta keep my money for it in case, by miracle, I find an option that ships to Belgium !
Is this a J model or a K model?
MD offers up the non JDM "K" manufacture models mostly