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Seiko Prospex SSC075 Solar Watch

Seiko Prospex SSC075 Solar Watch

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Thanks MD, i'm having fun with my watch.

What's the warranty information? Is it international or US only RMA/repair ? Price is attractive but would like to know warranty before considering
Well, this compass-in-a-bezel is an old boy scouts trick. And it works! Please watch Marc's explanation on You Tube on

I purchase the ALPINIST, also by SEIKO, and it is a very good watch. And no, I do not use the bezel-compass as I do not hike or camp; but I have tried it against my cellphone compass and it works fine!
An Amazon commenter explains the "compass":

"Fake compass - You need to manually adjust its bezel to sync with the position of the sun which you could generally determined your bearings with you naked eye! The so-called compass bezel is merely for aesthetics. . . . [and] moves too easily."
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Oh. I would think that the magnets in a conventional compass would interfere with operation of the movement of the watch. Serious ingenuity would need to be applied To incorporate a gyroscopic compass. If you were looking for a watch with a integrated compass Timex' Expedition line of digital watches has several models with a compass. They may not be convenient as you need to press a button to activate the reading. Some watch straps have a small compass but these are likely not overly accurate. Likely, your best option, as you are already using, for serious navigation is handheld, high quality magnetic compass.
Or road signs... Stars for navigation in Tokyo / Osaka / anywhere other than the arse-end of Hokkaido is silly talk.
warranty info please
Now that's a busy face.
Prospex too!
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