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Seiko Recraft SRPC Automatic Watch

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Received it this morning. Stunning piece but... what about the warranty card? Missing...
Got my SRPC09K1 today. The sunburst blue dial is really nice, doesn't get shown off in these pictures.
srpc13 are now on sale at creation...
Not many comments besides I the only one eager or am I the only one who’s not gonna immediately try to flip it for a profit??
Got my email telling me it’s shipped!! best part? Sent via FedEx 😀😀😀 so much better than USPS
Aaaand looks like Massdrop fucks us again with utterly unreliable so called “SmartPost” last time I ordered using Smartpost it went from CA to freaking GUAM to HI to CA then on to Las Vegas then finally to Chicago. I wish there was a way to choose delivery method I’d gladly pay for FedEx Ground.
Does anyone know the length of the stock leather strap?
Someone implied that the drop will not include the box with the marketing info on it as shown below. Can we confirm that?
I grabbed one of the last 13’s it looks like. I’m going to try it on a shark mesh bracelet.
Well I got mine in today. Bought it from a jeweler in Austria (last one that had the SRPC13K1 . No regret whatsoever: it's a beauty!


am glad im able to find one on my local mkt. seller selling LNIB cheaper srpc13k1 then the listed price here. apprx 159 usd.
Regarding the these recraft versions: so we all know what we missed: these Seiko's have been made in a limited (re-)run of only 1969 pieces per type ( it is the re-interpretation of the famous UFO model of 1969; the 6106-6430 ), which is off course a reference to the original year it came out (1969)...
So too bad if you missed it.
I am definitely going to chase a srpc13k1 down somewhere, because I really want one. Given the fact there are only 1969 made worldwide I'm sure I won't be able to get the same deal I could have gotten here...
See also:
they are now on sale at jomashop for $99
Link? I can only find the black/brown one and they are more than $99...
I just cancelled my order for Srpc09. Too many on the internet and not special enough for me to actually buy.
Thing is about watches, there’s always gonna be a next one. So I’ll wait. If something special comes up on MD I‘ll have a look. Otherwise sites like creationwatches already do pretty good deals on watches. (And ofc without the wait.)
apparently the 09 and the 11 aren't limited editions. but the 15 and 16 are.
personally, if i hadn't been able to find a 13 on eBay, I'd get the 15. i really like it.
Ah thanks for that.
If I buy this it would purely be for investment purpose. Many people would disagree, but I don‘t find the circular no lug shape that appealing, especially @43or44mm diameter. Probably cos it’s too wide like my ex’s face.
thanks, massdrop. without this motivation, i wouldn't have looked on ebay today and grabbed an srpc13 from ebay, used, listed today. almost as much as the new one here, but does have the box and papers. strangely, it is coming on an endmill style bracelet in addition to the original strap... I'll just switch it to an aftermarket leather strap, though.
on the watchuseek forum, there are a couple srpc13s for sale. check em out.
failed drop with the SRPC13 . gone too fast
I just checked Long Island Watch and the SRPC13k is available @ $189 US, for those interested !
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User experience on the LIW site can be frustrating. The site suggests you can add the item to your cart but when you attempt to do that, a message appears stating the item is out of stock. Has happened to me before. Very easy to miss the small “Out of stock” status indicator on the main product page.
Thanks for the reply- yeah inattention on my part to miss the "Out of Stock" message, its happened before and dare say it'll happen again. I've actually had success with the "add me to waiting list" link in the past, but also admit there is 1 item on that link that I'm still currently waiting for. I'm a patient person and will give it some time before looking elsewhere. Regards, X
Is srpc13k1 the only one that is limited edition?
Unless I wake up like 3am in the morning everyday I have no chance getting limited drops in Australia. Kinda disappointed.
fast soldout!
love the face in blue, but no sapphire crystal :-(
but it's still a nice watch that's absolutely worth a couple hundred bucks. if you scratch it, just polish it. pretty easy.
Interesting how the webpage "recent activity" shows 2 people joining the drop, but some are already sold out????
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Yeah wished I made a screenshot...
MD is a third rate operation
And no go. The SRPC13K1 is not availaible...
Wow! These are expensive! Massdrop sucks A$$ again. I’ll buy on jomashop for less and not have to deal with the wait...
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no shipping charges in the us....
Exactly this model is called the UFO and as a recraft was the most popular of the series. Looks like MD only had a couple of them and all the crap color choices. The orange hand one is the one to get and very hard to find. Cool watch and Seamusm has no idea what hes talking about. But that seems to be a thing now. New users talking about how crappy the deals on MD are getting... but they are new users so how would they know how the deals used to be...
I picked the wrong morning so sleep in - by the time I saw this 21 people had joined the drop and the SRPC13K1 was sold out. grrr......
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i would have... hehe
Everyone working at MD who knew they could ebay it for 350 instantly :P
More SRPC13 ?
SRPC09K1 is $185 on Amazon. I thought the point of MD was getting products at reduced prices bc of bulk purchasing. Almost all of the watches lately are the same price as multiple other vendors. Why jump through all of the hoops with MD when you can just buy the item and have it in 2 days?
SRPC13 Anywhere else ?
SRPC15 and SRPC16 are cheaper at jomashop