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Seiko "Sea Urchin" SNZF Watch

Seiko "Sea Urchin" SNZF Watch

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What if I told you, for 10 bucks extra, you can get this with a 3 Year Joma Warranty ?
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Massdrop gives you little or no warranty as usual. I purchased a dash cam and it broke down after one month. Massdrop told me they only warranty for 30 days and after that I have to contact the manufacturer in China and they wouldn't even provide me the contact information. If you are buying electronic or mechanical items from Massdrop please think twice about their warranty services before you throw your money away.
After trying to correlate a retailer's warranty to SEIKO's quality standards, you further go on to include six sigma into the equation to justify your claim? Sorry, but your reasoning is hyperbolically overstated!
The 10$ extra is not for the 3 years of warranty, but a retailer to retailer price difference.
Its just that Joma goes a little further to provide customers with an aftermarket warranty. Would you really need it? Well, I wont be brave enough to say NO!
I have read reviews where MD flat out rejects customer returns for products that were found to be defective after 30 days but well within 2 months of their purchase; I believe a few Seikos were included. Derive an equation for Seiko movement failure rate with just a few data points from MD & i will buy you a beer.
The only time i buy a product from MD is when they clearly state "manufacturers warranty."
I also think MD should clearly state "No Warranty" where applicable, so new customers are not misguided.
A fun watch to wear in Summer.
The Red and Blue bezzel give this watch a pop of color, i find this to be better looking then the black version.
For the Price you canot beat this watch.

In 2018 getting a hand windable/hacking movement at this pricepoint should not be an issue. Sadly Seiko hasn't upgraded this entry watch as of yet. NH36A anyone? Even my cheap Invicta has a better Seiko movement than this one?
I wonder if a NH36A could be transplanted to this case?
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My Orient M-Force has a 4 o'clock crown, and I like that, along with the power reserve display.

In one sense the lack of hand winding and hacking makes setting the time easier. I have some old Orients that are non-winding/hacking, and I just forget about the second hand altogether, which in any event is too small for me to read, and I just quickly set the hour and minute hand. Rather than have to wait until a second-hand-at-zero time, I just, for instance, set the minute hand halfway between the minutes if the time is about 30 seconds past.

You're never really sure exactly how fast or slow your watch is with these things.
Not unless you have this tool, my friend ;-) Then accuracy becomes a simple check. I like to do this with all my automatics..
way cheaper on Ebay Apply PRIMO119 by 11pm PT. get 25$ off 119 - Good luck
Received mine today on schedule. No warranty card, but I knew that going in. For $130, this is my car wash, grass cutting, exercise replacement for my G Shock, so if it breaks, i’m not out much. Got this to a - try Massdrop in general and b - see if the “sub” style diver will work for me, then c - move up to an Omega or Rolex. Good value as long as you know what you’re getting into.
Literally buying this watch on jomashop for an extra $10 and I don't have to wait over a month for it to even ship. AND they're sending me a free watch case. I've bought three watches off massdrop and I can honestly say thats its a cool concept and you get pretty nice prices but its definitively NOT worth it.
I agree, I've seen this for many of the watches on here. I've even seen them cheaper Jomashop and Amazon. The concept is cool, but the execution is lacking.
I bought a SNZF17J1 from Massdrop back on Dec 18th for $147.74. Bought on a whim, and never worn. Still has tags in place. If anybody wants to take it off my hands. I'll cover shipping and the PayPal fee.
Hello.. Is this still available?
Where are you?
Hi there. Yes it is. I am outside of Chicago in Elgin.
is this K1 or J1? they need to specify the model name completely ... K=korea is usually cheaper than the J=japan version ....
At this price point, your are almost certainly getting a Seiko made in southeast Asia, not Japan, regardless of the K or J designation. It is specified when you join the drop, but it would be helpful for some to see it in the description.

Watch was good but you can buy the same at Amazon for the same price or even lower with warranty. Apparently this watch drop does not have any warranty papers that come with it. What gives?
I just received mine, its a nice watch but I had the same thought - why no warranty papers?
yep, me too. no warranty papers and not in the box packaging as shown in the pictures.