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Seiko SNE039 Solar Watch

Seiko SNE039 Solar Watch

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I loved my watch, but after a year it quit keeping time. I put it in the dashboard of my car and it will work. It will not keep time on my wrist. I fought a cheap watch and it runs fine. I am so disappointed.
FYI, this watch is selling for $88 on Amazon.
The watch is beautiful but it will not run for more than a few hours. Something must be defective with the solar battery?
Try to fully charge your watch first. Leave it at a window with a lot of sun for few hours. If this does not work then the watch is defective.
Thanks. I have tried this and the watch still stops running less than 24 hours at a time when not on my arm. It is now a little over a year old but has never run more than a few hours at a time, so I guess my only choice is to either take it to a local jeweler or just chuck it, since I only paid $100 for it. As it turns out, it was not worth that much!
Anyone know where Seiko SNE039 Solar Watch is made?
Just got my second Seiko from y'all, 2 days early, Thanks!

Does anyone knows when it will be shipped?
SRPB11 "Blue Lagoon", the new limited edition hotness.

is the seiko solar movement on this watch like a quartz movement or an automatic?
the sunlight charges a battery so it is more like a quartz movement.
ok thanks
so I should wait for this to save $3 off the Amazon price? Come on Mass Drop, give us something that we can actually save a few $$$ on.
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