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Seiko SUP Solar Watch

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Could we get the Massdrop folks to give the band size as well? I have incredibly large wrists and hesitate to buy watches online just for that reason.
This is a charming-looking watch with real elegance (the size is perfect for a dress watch). My concern is the dial. With the right dial this watch would outshine a Bambino, but with the wrong one it would look as bad as a fashion watch. What is the dial made out of? The price scares me. I would love to see these style numerals on the Presage series. for example, I love the SARX027 with more stylized numberals. I wish MassDrop had the SARX027 some time in the future:
Why does my male shipping is more expensive than my female counterpart...
gender wage gap myth
I kinda like it.

I just bought a citizen last week so I'm done for watches this month but I think it looks snazzy.

It would look 10 times better with a sunburst dial tho
dis is one broke ass looking watch
Good lord did they have to use that font for the numbers
I love it
I'd be interested if it had a second hand.
I agree wholeheartedly, I just can't adjust to the lack
First thing I noticed too. No for me.
That is one of the most uninspired, ugly, cheap and boring looking watches that I've seen on massdrop. Solar or not, it looks like a dollar store item.
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Funny, I thought it looked marvelous. If it had an enamel dial I would pay a grand for it.
nm hbu?
I finally understood that
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