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Seiko "Turtle" SRP77X Automatic Watch

Seiko "Turtle" SRP77X Automatic Watch

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Please do another one of these :)
Beware - trying to remove links on the bracelet to fit is a nightmare. The pins pop and you can't put it back together again. I own a lot of watches and have never had issues with shortening the bracelet until now. Subbing for another bracelet or a leather band.
It’s a old-school pin and collar system. Can be quite tricky, even if you have the correct tools. And, if you lose the tiny collar, or don’t push it in tight enough, the brace will fall off your wrist. Easy fix at a Watch jeweller though
Yes! I figured it out eventually though. YouTube helped!
Drop ended January 2nd, and I just received my SRP775 on January 5th. Very fast shipping!

The first thing I looked at was the chapter ring, and it seems like it could be misaligned by a gnat's dick. I even used the magnifier widget on my phone to verify. It's close enough that I can't see it with my naked eye. It's close enough to be a non-issue for me, but other Massdrop members may feel differently.

The watch is HEAVY... and gorgeous! The pictures do not do the 775 justice. The gold highlights give the watch a sophistication that none of the other variants have. The bracelet is chunky and not cheap feeling, like the one on an SKX007, for example. Yes there are better bracelets, but for a $20 premium over the rubber strapped models. this is well worth it.

This was my first Massdrop purchase, and to say that I am over the moon would be an understatement.

Thank you Massdrop! And thank you community for both encouraging me to purchase this, and for warning me of the potential pitfalls.

Does anybody know where it is shipped from?
Currently on creation for $280 and eBay for $272. Makes much more sense for people who live in places with tax like me.
I love that they shot them with bezels moved from the initial position so you don't see the misalignment (seems that these days Seiko cannot produce a single watch without these issues, and I am a "fanboy", owning over 50 of the older models).
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No issues seems to be the exception these days on these models. And I am not talking about misaligned bezels or chapter rings which can be corrected, but stretched indices upon application. I saw people that no matter how they moved the chapter ring is still misalignment.

I really want one but don't want to pay double at local AD where I can inspect before buy. Strange enough lots of lowered priced Seiko 5 have no misalignments. Probably different production lines.
Just got this Tue first 2018 watch! Got lucky it lines up ! Really didn’t know of alinement problem it’s my first new Seiko ! I have collected for many years but old Seikos ! I like it so getting black version next .
Bought the 773J1 (blue dial) from CreationWatches for $270. It was in my hand two days later.
Really? $300 bucks? $259? I really love you guys at Massdrop, but , some of the models are even cheaper
on Amazon not to talk about other sources...

It's kinda disappointing. Especially as the 777 (black dial) isn't active.
Sorry guys, I just don't get this drop and I've waited for it for a while now.
Very annoying.

DHL site showed “out for delivery“ for 4 day’s after being stuck in Frankfurt for 9 days.

I asked DHL and the response -

“Thank you for contacting DHL Parcel and DHL eCommerce regarding the delivery of your shipment.

The latest status of your shipment is: Handed over to Korea Post for final delivery.

Kindly contact Korea Post to Inquire the latest status of your shipment and further delivery instructions by using the following information below:”

Last time I had to check Korea Post was about to ship the stuff back to Germany saying that the address was incomplete, when it wasn’t.

It‘s annoying that each time I order something it’s up to me to chase it up.

Massdrop - perhaps you need a new shopping agent. Someone who can actually get stuff to the destination more than half the time!
I personally will never purchase a watch from Massdrop again.

Bezel is misaligned, the watch loses around 4 minutes a day and no warranty to speak of.

Extremely disappointing.
I'm feeling the same way. Bought a Glycine Double-Twelve that can't keep time and stops abruptly the second I take it off my wrist. Even WITH a warranty it's been nothing but runaround between Massdrop and What a headache,
Got the watch and very disappointed with dial and bazle indentation. Even warranty card missing
Any one got the delivery of the turtle? is there any issue with dial allignment??
Just received mine, the rehaut and bezel insert are both out of alignment. Very displeased.
Unfortunately, that is as much a Seiko trademark as the S on the crown. Of the 4 Seikos I've owned in my life, not a damn one of them had a properly aligned bezel and rehaut. Still loved them, especially my Sumos, but come on, Seiko, it can't be that hard.
How do I get this thing to display in English? Whenever I try and set it it always switches to another language.
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Guess it fixed it self. Works great!
Wait for the date change to be complete i.e after 3am. Then change the day to the English version. Don't try to change it between 10pm to 3am, as the day change is in progress.