Seki Edge 2-Piece Grooming Kitsearch

Seki Edge 2-Piece Grooming Kit

Seki Edge 2-Piece Grooming Kit

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New, Improved Quality

Now sourced directly from Seki Edge, this two-piece grooming kit features the same great essentials previously offered on Massdrop, but with the improved quality that comes from working directly with Seki. From the stainless steel and shaping of the blades to the finishing on the tools, the craftsmanship is second to none. And each piece is branded with the Seki name to prove it.

Seki Edge 2-Piece Grooming Kit
Seki Edge 2-Piece Grooming Kit
Seki Edge 2-Piece Grooming Kit

Finger & Toenail Clippers with Case

At home, on the road—you never know when you’ll need to trim your nails. This handy two-piece grooming kit ensures you’ll always be prepared. It includes two stainless steel clippers: one small set for your fingernails and one larger set for your toenails. And for convenient, organized storage, the kit comes with a leather zip-up carrying case constructed with a small interior pocket. Keep it in the glove compartment, the medicine cabinet, your everyday bag—just about anywhere.

Seki Edge 2-Piece Grooming Kit
Seki Edge 2-Piece Grooming Kit
Seki Edge 2-Piece Grooming Kit


  • Seki Edge
  • Clippers: Stainless steel
  • Carrying case: Genuine leather
  • Made in Japan


  • Toenail clipper
  • Fingernail clipper
  • Carrying case


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Estimated ship date is Dec 14, 2018 PT.

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Recent Activity

Just got mine from this latest drop and was surprised at how rough the finish is on them. With the fingernail clippers it’s just a matter of aesthetics...looks cheap, not solid and smooth like the ones in the photo...but with the toenail clippers it is more than simply an assault to the aesthetics, there are two wickedly sharp metallic splinters trapped where the leveraging pin anchors to the underside of the clippers. The two metallic burrs are about 3 mm long and razor sharp. I can bend them back and forth but can’t dislodge them. I think they are metal shavings still attached to the body of the clippers where they ground out the hole to run the pin attaching the leverage arm. So disappointed. I bought four sets of these based on all the glowing reviews—one for myself and three for gifts for family. If the other three look like my set, I’d be embarrassed to give them as gifts. :( [image] [image] [image] First 2 photos show the metal shavings still attached to the backside and interior of the toenail clippers. 3rd photo show the metal filings I was able to pry loose from the clippers. There ended up being a third metal shard that I couldn’t pry out. I just pressed it back in around the post so it wouldn’t be scratching me when I handle the clippers. [image] (The finish on my clippers almost looks like the silver is painted on the way the surface is bumpy and pocked. It does not at all look like the clean smooth surface of the clippers in the photos in the drop. Mine look poorly made.) I wonder if Seki dumped a batch of “seconds” on Mass Drop?

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