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Sennheiser G4ME ONE Gaming Headset

Sennheiser G4ME ONE Gaming Headset

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i want a headphone can i get it please
received mine couple of days ago from the bazarr sale, it shipped fast, and nothing wrong with the headset at all. On top of the headset being the newer model, I also got the adapter as well.
Please Re-launch the drop!!
Somebody call Ripley's, I received a package in the mail that has a functioning headset in it. I feel like Robin William's in Jumanji, what year is it?
I sent a request to get a refund as well. Extremely frustrating experience.
Just an update. I emailed to ask where the replacements were and they said:
"It looks like we have received your defective unit in the warehouse and we are still waiting to hear from the vendor on the replacements. This process can take 2-3 weeks." Although really it's already been over 3 weeks...when they say "hear from", does that mean they don't even know yet when they are getting the replacements?
Spoke with Sennheiser Tech again on Friday to let them know about the issue of the pair they sent and they are quickly handling it and sending out a new pair to me either today or tomorrow. Again this is not mass drops fault. More just a issue with a bad batch of manufacturing
Email sent to Maddrop support.....


Since user Whiskey just got back a pair of headphones that were refurbished and disgusting and since you haven't sent mine yet can you please just credit me back the funds? You got your broken headset back you sent me.

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Didn't you just say this Whiskey: "Well , I just received the 3 replacement from Sennheiser, Guess what! They are the old part number with the one cable, of course they are the refurbished ones and to top it off they smell like cigerettes."
Scatter, what ended up happening? Did you get a new working headset? I was told by massdrop to contact Sennheiser & they sent me a Refurbished. So disappointed in this whole process just to save $10.
Sent mine in to Massdrop and currently waiting for a replacement. If I get the same one returned to me, I'll be pretty pissed off. Hopefully that won't happen though.
Well , I just received the 3 replacement from Sennheiser, Guess what! They are the old part number with the one cable, of course they are the refurbished ones and to top it off they smell like cigerettes.
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I'm just waiting on funds to be remitted to my account (I did receive email confirmation for the refund). As a person who backed out after waiting too long -- ripoff is a strong word. I think the biggest problem is Massdrop is simply not equipped to deal with derailments or other issues like this. I hope this is a symptom of -too much business- rather than malice/insert-unsavory-behavior-here.

I'm not saying I'll never participate in a drop again, but it will be a while. Once Massdrop grows enough to take care of situations like mine (and others, it seems) in a timely manner I could see myself being all about this site. My biggest issue was the lack of communication. I honestly had no idea when I would have gotten my new headset; it just went on too long.

Also, I love my other Sennheiser headphones... typically they're fantastic. It sounds like Whiskey went through Sennheiser directly to get the refurbs. Why he got the original pair again from Massdrop is just a mystery to me, but it was enough to get me to back out.

Anyway, that's just my assessment of the situation. Like I said, Massdrop seems like a good company; it's just very clearly in a growing pains state.
Inksworth is correct on the using ripoff as a word to describe massdrop. I think massdrop is great. I have done several drops with them and will continue to do more. I think this was just a freak thing that happened that really is not mass drops fault at all other than trying to communicate how to resolve the issue.

I believe massdrop is trying there best in attempting to resolve this issue.

The reason I say it's not mass drops fault is because they did there part in ordering the mass for us at a lower cost and shipped them to us. Now for the bad mics, this was an issue on sennheisers side, I guarantee that if you looked at the serial numbers that they would come out of the same batch. Thats what is sounds like to me .
Has anyone else heard anything yet? The last thing I heard was they're sourcing replacements, but that's what I'd been told since August 24 (when I first heard back from support) each time claiming it would be "about a week." ... It's been three weeks now. :(
Nvm everything works on my laptop, just have to figure out why my pc doesnt like the headset, anyway i got the black version , hopefully ur reasive yours and everything will be OK !
Hey, cant seem to here anything from my headphones, mic seems to be fine but untill i get my sound i cant be sure.
still waiting on them to send me a new one =[
I tried that, but the microphone still not work.
I also use it on my PC, the microphone does not work.
hankz, I do understand it's no fun to deal with something not working as expected, and especially something as important as your brand new Game One headset. If you are still having issue with the mic after troubleshooting. I would suggest to contact Massdrop through your transaction page.