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Settlers of Catan Board Game Bundle

Settlers of Catan Board Game Bundle

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Strategy and Timing

This 2 - 4 player board game is one of our favorites, but this drop is for the legendary 5 - 6 player version.The game requires players to strategically collect resources and spend those resources to build settlements, cities, and roads. Each of these actions generates victory points and the first to 10 points wins!

This drop contains the original game, the 5 - 6 Player Expansion and your choice of an expansion that also comes with it's 5 - 6 player expansion. This drop is limited to 100 units.

Settlers of Catan Board Game Bundle

The New Classic Board Game

Resources are collected by building settlements near the different land tiles. Each turn, land production commences depending on the roll of the dice. When you have collected enough resources, you can build roads and settlements or upgrade your existing settlements into cities. The game board is laid out randomly each time you play, so each player's plans will change dramatically depending on everyone else's actions. This is a great strategic, non-violent game that's fun for anyone ages 10+

Settlers of Catan Board Game Bundle

In the Bundle

  • One Settlers Base Game
  • One Settlers 5 - 6 Player Expansion
  • One Expansion Base Game
  • One Expansion 5 - 6 Player Expansion


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