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SharpEdge Makiri Hocho Hammer Fixed Blade

SharpEdge Makiri Hocho Hammer Fixed Blade

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A Versatile Fixed Blade From the Docks to the Bar

Traditionally used by fisherman for cutting rope, twine, and fish—but often used today by barmen carving ice for specialty cocktails— the Makiri Hocho is an all-purpose blade with excellent utility. The 5.3-inch blade has a wide spear-point shape for piercing, slicing, and skinning. The blade has just a single bevel for precision and control. It’s made from high-carbon Shirogami #2 high-carbon steel with a very high hardness rating of 62 on the Rockwell scale. There's also a hammered texture to help food slide off when you're preparing food. A magnolia handle meets the blade for a traditional, yet effective grip. When you’re not using the knife, store it in the included magnolia wood sheath, which is hand-shaped from a single piece of wood. This edition of Makiri Hocho Hammer was made especially for SharpEdge with focus on details, out-of-the-box sharpness, and a premium finish. 

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Maintain Your Edge

The Makiri Hocho is made of Shirogami #2 high-carbon steel, which you'll notice develop a patina over time. This is normal, and actually acts as a protective layer if maintained properly. To maintain it properly, we  recommend cleaning and wiping the knife dry after every use before safely storing it in the magnolia wood sheath. Oiling the blade can help preserve it as well. Use sunflower, linseed, or Ballistol universal oil once a month for best results.


  • SharpEdge
  • Material: High-carbon Shirogami #2 white steel
  • HRc: 61–62
  • Handle: Magnolia
  • Single bevel  (meant for right-handed users)
  • Blade length: 5.3 in (13.5 cm)


  • Magnolia wood sheath


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