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Shire Post Mint Memento Mori Silver Coin Bundle

Shire Post Mint Memento Mori Silver Coin Bundle

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A Silver Reminder to Live With Purpose

These coins from Shire Post Mint are a constant reminder to live life in the moment and to the fullest. Based on the Latin Christian practice of reflection on mortality, the coins are crafted from bullion-grade pure silver. The front says Memento Mori, which means “remember that you have to die” in Latin; the back says Memento Vivere, which means “remember that you have to live” in Latin. Finished by hand, the coins look as if they’ve been circulated for years, adding to the antique aesthetic. One coin comes on a 30-inch chain to keep around your neck.


  • Shire Post Mint
  • Bullion-grade pure silver
  • Stamped with 999 FS (99.9% fine silver)
  • Chain: 30 in (76.2 cm)
  • Weight, pendant: 0.5 oz (16 g)


  • Silver coin
  • Silver pendant on necklace


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