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Deskitute Shotgun Artisan Keycap

Deskitute Shotgun Artisan Keycap

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I could just go buy some ammo, go to the range, have fun, then use the spent shells to make these for 10x cheaper. Wtf?
You haven't done it yet, so there's your answer.

3D printing/casting the base, gluing by hand, and shipping these makes 30 bucks not outrageous. Mildly ridiculous, but not insane.
25 20 gauge shells, ~$9. So $0.36 per shell. Super glue is cheap, pennies per key cap. Get random Chinese keycaps and shave them down if necessary. ~$10 for a whole set on ebay, with some waste keys like the space bar caps etc. Maybe $0.10 a keycap. I could probably make this keycap for around $0.50 in materials..... Tell me again how it's worth it? Yes, labor, but it's not like they're making HD 650s by hand. Sandpaper is the only tool you need. A cheap 3D printer is only $100, if you want to go that route, which means even less labor.
So if I hand load this, it would be the world's shortest shotgun shell?
Seems pointless to me when you can make your own very cheap
My son just made one this afternoon. He's wanting to make up a bunch more after trap practice tomorrow.
Made my own for dirt cheap.

50 20ga shells for $20.
Old cherry caps for nothing
Epoxy for a clean look underneath

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Nice you managed to save $10+ shipping
One shell only costs me $0.40. Dremel I already had, same with epoxy. Haha. So realistically I spent $2.
ah, first time I see these for sale in about 3y now... were these here on MD before? (I need to restock my ammo)
Yes, between 12 and 18 months ago if I recall correctly. Oh, and all the other discussion posts below say “1Y”.
It'd be nicer if they used classier headstamp. I think this is a cheap Estate brass. And for other's concern, it is highly unlikely that there is any lead or residues in it by the time it makes it onto the keyswitch adapter. Maybe it's time for a brass/shotshell themed keyboard. Either way I'm inspired to try making some myself.
I think this key looks great and all, but I'd have two questions before buying one of these:

1) Is everything free of lead? Whenever I've gone shooting, there have been a number of signs at the range reminding people that spent rounds likely have lead residue on them.
2) Is this free of all residue? Echoing concerns from other people, I highly doubt this keycap would make it through security, but I'd also be worried about gunpowder residue being on my hands. If I leave from the office for the airport, am I going to have enough residue to get held at secondary? It's happened to me before on the way to the US, and it takes forever because they'll swab you and literally every item in your bag for chemical agents and explosives.
I would be very surprised if this hasn't been thoroughly bathed in solvents and chemical free. Definely as lead free as electronics are anyway. They have to (or should) coat the brass in polyeurythane to keep it from going dull over time.
These shells are new, not fired, as stated in the specs.
I'm not sure why everyone is saying this is a bad deal, it's $15 off RRP.
i think its cause all someone needs to do to make this is get their own shell and hack up an existing keycap or get a 3d printed piece to stick in one and you get the same basic result for less than $30
Sticking the end of a used shell on a 3D printed base = "artisan"?
Only on MassDrop

MRSP $45 - all I can say is LOL