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Deskitute Shotgun Artisan Keycap

Deskitute Shotgun Artisan Keycap

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

I could just go buy some ammo, go to the range, have fun, then use the spent shells to make these for 10x cheaper. Wtf?
You haven't done it yet, so there's your answer.
3D printing/casting the base, gluing by hand, and shipping these makes 30 bucks not outrageous. Mildly ridiculous, but not insane.
25 20 gauge shells, ~$9. So $0.36 per shell. Super glue is cheap, pennies per key cap. Get random Chinese keycaps and shave them down if necessary. ~$10 for a whole set on ebay, with some waste keys like the space bar caps etc. Maybe $0.10 a keycap. I could probably make this keycap for around $0.50 in materials..... Tell me again how it's worth it? Yes, labor, but it's not like they're making HD 650s by hand. Sandpaper is the only tool you need. A cheap 3D printer is only $100, if you want to go that route, which means even less labor.
So if I hand load this, it would be the world's shortest shotgun shell?
Seems pointless to me when you can make your own very cheap
My son just made one this afternoon. He's wanting to make up a bunch more after trap practice tomorrow.
Made my own for dirt cheap.
50 20ga shells for $20. Old cherry caps for nothing Dremel Epoxy for a clean look underneath


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Nice you managed to save $10+ shipping
One shell only costs me $0.40. Dremel I already had, same with epoxy. Haha. So realistically I spent $2.
ah, first time I see these for sale in about 3y now... were these here on MD before? (I need to restock my ammo)
Yes, between 12 and 18 months ago if I recall correctly. Oh, and all the other discussion posts below say “1Y”.
It'd be nicer if they used classier headstamp. I think this is a cheap Estate brass. And for other's concern, it is highly unlikely that there is any lead or residues in it by the time it makes it onto the keyswitch adapter. Maybe it's time for a brass/shotshell themed keyboard. Either way I'm inspired to try making some myself.
I think this key looks great and all, but I'd have two questions before buying one of these:
1) Is everything free of lead? Whenever I've gone shooting, there have been a number of signs at the range reminding people that spent rounds likely have lead residue on them. 2) Is this free of all residue? Echoing concerns from other people, I highly doubt this keycap would make it through security, but I'd also be worried about gunpowder residue being on my hands. If I leave from the office for the airport, am I going to have enough residue to get held at secondary? It's happened to me before on the way to the US, and it takes forever because they'll swab you and literally every item in your bag for chemical agents and explosives.
I would be very surprised if this hasn't been thoroughly bathed in solvents and chemical free. Definely as lead free as electronics are anyway. They have to (or should) coat the brass in polyeurythane to keep it from going dull over time.
These shells are new, not fired, as stated in the specs.
I'm not sure why everyone is saying this is a bad deal, it's $15 off RRP.
i think its cause all someone needs to do to make this is get their own shell and hack up an existing keycap or get a 3d printed piece to stick in one and you get the same basic result for less than $30
Sticking the end of a used shell on a 3D printed base = "artisan"? Only on MassDrop
MRSP $45 - all I can say is LOL
$30 for half a shotgun shell glued onto a 3D-printed base (it looks nice though), and 78 people bought it...

(It's totally worth it if you like bullets, but this sounds like a really bad deal to me.)
If any of you are in Massachusetts, be advised that this may be considered ammunition, which requires a license to possess. (Emphasis mine):
MGL ch. 140 § 121: ''Ammunition'', cartridges or cartridge cases, primers (igniter), bullets or propellant powder designed for use in any firearm, rifle or shotgun. The term ''ammunition'' shall also mean tear gas cartridges.
MGL ch. 269 § 10 (h)(1): Whoever owns, possesses or transfers a firearm, rifle, shotgun or ammunition without complying with the provisions of section 129C of chapter 140 shall be punished by imprisonment in a jail or house of correction for not more than 2 years or by a fine of not more than $500. Whoever commits a second or subsequent violation of this paragraph shall be punished by imprisonment in a house of correction for not more than 2 years or by a fine of not more than $1,000, or both. Any officer authorized to make arrests may arrest without a warrant any person whom the officer has probable cause to believe has violated this paragraph.
Common sense would lead one to believe that in this condition, these would not reasonably constitute "ammunition," but that's not how the courts work in MA.
Work in progress
These are cool, but like a lot of people said the price is way too high. $10 after shipping tops. Great idea though! I'm going to make my own with some super glue and an old keycap.
Just want to say that in Vietnam they make $25 in-ear monitors with housings from bullet shells. $30 for 1 shell is just too much, and I just see a shell, nothing artisan.
You took the words out of my mouth. Where is the "Artisan" part in this?
Wait, this is more expensive than the artisan keys from Hammer? For a simple 3d-printed base and a spent shotgun shell that you can get for free from your nearest shooting range? The idea is kind of neat (although not my cup of tea), but this does not warrant artisan prices. It would make sense as a novelty key selling for a few bucks, but charging $30 is just silly.
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Dremels my dude!
Easier than YOU think apparently. ;)
Are you kidding me?? Unless you made every single shotgun shell along with primers, I don't see how you can call this an artisan. And not to mention that you're literally making a "keycap" out of what most people consider garbage (Spent shells are basically worthless unless you reload or sell them to reloaders). If I wanted a shotgun shell for an " artisan keycap" I would go to my local shooting range, and either shoot my own shotgun or pick up a single shell from the thousands scattered in the floor, cut it down to size and glue a stem from a key I got in my SP grab bag, all for far less money and wait time than this. This seems nothing more to me than a pathetic cash grab, trying to capatilize over people's ignorance.
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If I had this and Carbon I would make a vaguely Trigun themed keyboard
Oh, don't worry, I know nobody is making me buy it, but that doesn't mean I can't vent my frustration over something as ridiculous as this
The cap looks good, but I can't think of any keycap set that this would work well with :/
I think it would look really cool with the Carbon rolling bones novelty set
sa commando 23. pic from about two years ago where the shotgun artisan/novelty was already done
"compatible with cherry mx and cloneslolol"
Fixed lolol :p
Approximate profile?
shoutgun shells don't really work well with any profile
Yeah but the stem could be shorter or longer. For instance, the Reactor keycaps are about SA R1 level.
One question! If I have this keycap mounted on my keyboard and carry it through airport security, will I get through to the other side easily ?
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Which, lets be honest. McDonald's hires better people.
Since they have fired primers they likely have gunpowder residue on them, which if you get swabbed down for explosives could trigger a red flag. Not worth the hassle.
Too pricey for me, but it's given me an idea. Lots of spent shells on a farmers field near me, reckon I could file down and glue an old key into one!
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It's not a spent casing just FYI
Well, I figured it was when I saw the spent primer, but "Made from a real 20 gauge shotgun shell and fitted with fired primers for an authentic look". Whatever.
would love to see some sniper rounds mx stem
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Yeah, 20ga and .50 BMG are the only two that would really have a chance of working. However it's pretty easy to get just the head of a shotgun shell since you don't have to cut any metal to do it whereas with .50 BMG you'd need to take a pipe cutter or something to a shell casing and then throw away like 90% of each shell casing... Not really cost-effective.
Then again this is $30 for something that likely costs less than $1 to make since most of the parts are things that people would throw away, so I'm sure they have enough profit margin as it is. ;)
Probably not nearly as cheap as shotgun casings.
But I think I'd want something larger, because theoretically it could be as wide as the base of a keycap. Somewhere around .69", although I have little knowledge of casings beyond .50.
Someone had too much coffee. "cloneslolol" Or lack of sleep.
Dang HiddenLabs. You stepping into the arms race on keyboards?
I won't lie. It looks well put together. Like solidly. Sadly I'm not such a fan of round caps. They tend to look odd against my board. :D Am I being sarcastic to myself and I don't know it. F...
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you won't get a reactor either?!
I passed on three group buys for the reactor even the IC he did. Meaning I've followed it. Really like it. I do love the design and craftsmanship. Just not the round look on my board.
Certain keys look off when round. I even didn't try to enter the raffle for the Magic Fungkey by KeyMaker. But did get a Spooder. And I'm hoping that I get lucky enough to win a "Birb"
Yes. My board is a ghastly feast but there is some science to it. I love round cap designs just not for me, yet. There's the brain of this guy. :D