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I just received my Green size Large today its nice Except the main front Zipper is on the wrong side Left all my other jackets including my other Showers Pass red rain jacket (purchased direct) have there zipper on the right side. It works fine but feels strange the size is right on for a size large
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Hi, just wondering how the large fits for you and what your height and weight is if you dont' mind me asking...

It fits great just like the original red one I purchased 3 years ago direct from the manufacures web site I has served me well so I purched the Green IMBA version since I an also a member IMBA/MWBA
I'm 5' 10" 195-200 lbs
Got mine yesterday. Size was spot on, build quality is awesome, and aesthetic is exactly as described. I'm 6'1" 188lbs athletic and it felt good sitting on the bike. Same with a pack. Recommended!
What size did you get?
I am wondering about the sizing. My chest is around M/L, but waist is closer to XL (this seems a bit weird because I am not all that big). Does anyone have any experience with the fit of these jackets? I wear a L Arc'teyrx Atom LT Jacket and a L Westcomb Shell, but their sizing is a mix of the sizing recommendations for these jackets, so it isn't exactly clear. My basic measurements are 42" chest, 38" waist, 31" arm; following the sizing for this jacket, I seem like some kind of mutant, I'm not. Any suggestions, L or M?
Here's a short but decent review on the jacket:

I think I am in for one. My trusty PreCip isn't cutting it anymore (I prob need to wash/treat it again, but still) after moving out to the Olympic Peninsula recently. And with so many rain jacket options out there, this looks good enough, especially w/the shoulder pad reinforcement, being friendly to MTBing, and the great company.

Anyone else have any review they've found on these or perhaps firsthand experience? Thanks.
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Yea, you're right. Still can't find any reviews :(
I have been using a Red Showers Pass Jacket and pants I purchased diredect from Showers pass web site two years ago Fabulous Rain Jacket for Bike Really Great for Mountain Bike with free movement nice long tail so mud and water from rear tire stays off you plus it tucks up out of the way when not needed Hood is nice and big to fit over your helmet or zips off, Shoulders have re-enforcement for shoulder straps for Hydration Pack also there is great Ventilation Zipper ports on the front along with zippered seperate hand pockets I have never felt too hot and sweaty inside of this jacket when Riding my Bike
Highly Recomened
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I Like my Red one so much I Just Ordered the Green One I like the DVO Green
Those rain shells... No armpit vents, I guess? Why good ventilation is always overlooked? Is it some sort of rocket science for plethora of outdoor gear manufacturers?
Description says core vents, so I'm wondering if those front zippers are mesh lined pockets?
on site says " Extra Long core vents prevent overheating"
So - I just got the backordered/cancellation note that I half-suspected was coming. Especially after the vague "shipping delay" update a week or so ago.
I've seen this on a few drops lately.
What's up Massdrop? I suspect you're unable to properly negotiate the deals you're offering to the members and are falling back on the backorder excuse as a way to get out of a deal that you can't close.

If it's truly a backorder situation, why don't I have the option of riding it out to see what happens? I just went through the entire order process at the Showers Pass store, and was never alerted to any sort of stocking issue. I plan to call them on Monday to verify the stock.
This is not some obscure item in the Showers Pass' lineup. I can buy it today for full price at several locations on the web. If a backorder truly existed, it won't be long before it's back in stock. So why are you unable to follow through on the discounted price we signed up for?

I hope the members on the other Showers Pass drop that went live today are ready for the same ride.
Might call ShowersPass directly for that kind of question. I’m surprised more aren’t joining. My impression is that Showers Pass is top-drawer stuff. Oh yeah....+8005575780.
I like the Mandarin color but it's only available in "Women's" - the sizing seems sort of universal though? What's the difference between the Men's & Women's versions here?
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BikeLawyer Thank you for the call out, we are in the process of updating the page to include the women's size chart for the women's colors. There is a difference in the sizes.
We apologize for the inconvenience .
If your built like a Woman get the Womans Cut
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