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Side-Lit ABS Keycap Set

Side-Lit ABS Keycap Set

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how is the keyboard quality?

why no drops on more known brands like Logitech or corsair ?
This is a drop on just the keycaps. It isn't a keyboard.
oh okay, thanks

have a nice day
Is it me or do those look really low quality?
Because they are... painted, thin abs, and OEM
giv ISO pl0x
Ewwww painted abs keycaps, just like on mainstream gaming garbage keyboards.
Bring in the Vortex Side-Lit PBT keycaps in black please!
YES! Been waiting on the Vortex PBT for a while.
can we have that PLEASE with an ISO option tho? :(
Anyone have an estimate on ship date?
Does this exists with european format ? I use to be in a location where the enter key is tall rather than wide, as well as brackets and { being at different places
6.5u spacebar for Corsair Strafe in this set or no?
nope just standard keycaps (so 6.25u space)
Can you get these in UK format?
If only i could get these in a blood red or a white
I can't tell from the photos; Do these have a smooth/oily feel to them, or do they have that nicer (I think) light texture to them? Not sure what that light texture finish is called, but my PBT keycaps have it and I have seen ABS keycaps have it as well.

Some people in the previous drop are saying they're smooth, I'm mostly concerned about them feeling oily because of it. Best example I can think of is the default keycaps that came with my CM Master Keys Pro L have a very "oily" feel to them.
They're somewhere in between. They're smooth but not to the point where it feels oily and slippery, there's some light grainy feel to it.
Thanks for the info!
PBT version would be a dream come true but I don't think that's possible, right?