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Sierra Designs Frontcountry Bed Sleeping Bag

Sierra Designs Frontcountry Bed Sleeping Bag

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Are the sleeping pad sleeves on the duo 2 separate sleeves, or one big sleeve?
They are 2 separate sleeves.
Looking forward to getting the Queen version.....will report on it later after it's arrival.
have you gotten it yet? I'm wondering how you launder it... isn't it gigantic? Do you think it would fit ok into a commercial large front loading washing machine (available at laundromats)?
Easily fits in our large top loader, just follow manuf instructions- it’s lightweight considering it’s a double. And compacts down enough to fit in about a 35-40 liter pack. Hope that helps
A couple of questions. The specs here are slightly different than Sierra Designs' website Comfort here is one degree higher and the liner material is different. Which is accurate?

Also will the regular size not take a 25" wide pad?
I am finding that the liner is 68d polyester taffita. I'm still digging about the temp but the 1 degree temp difference is hopefully not a huge difference maker.

The regular should be able to take a 25" pad.
Thanks Mike! Seems the specs listed here are pulled from last year's version. Looking forward to receiving two. I found last year's youth version for my son on clearance. We are going to be a Front Country Family. Just need a front country tent now...
So tempting! I love my Down Back Country Bed! Of course it cost 3 times this amount at REI. This looks considerably bulkier, and not much warmer. But a good price, for the most outstanding design I have ever had for a sleeping bag! The no zipper approach is superior, and hard to imagine just how awesome it is, until you sleep in one. Love the pad pocket also.
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which model is it? will it also work with a rectangular pad?
That was for the frontcountry duo. It will almost work better with a rectangular pad
This looks like a really good deal. I think this same model on Amazon is currently selling for like ~$115. Has anybody had any experience with this sleeping bag? I am very interested in picking up a pair.
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I believe that is the older version is on Amazon. The updated version has some comfort improvements, like a larger opening and improved liner fabrics.

I use the older version as my main car camping/truck bag. The sleeping pad sleeve is my favorite because it keeps the bag from twisting around me in the middle of the night
I've always liked your "bed" design, sadly I switched to hammocks right about the time I was made aware of this style. Quilt's only for me but I will recommend this drop to some of my ground dwelling brethren for our car trips.
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