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I had to leave a note because I'm thoroughly impressed by the quality of the jacket thus far. (Been using it for a week.) I did not weight mine, or compare weights.

Before this, I bought a 'Swix Romsdall 2' jacket. The two jackets compare fairly well, but I personally like the Sierra Designs jacket better. Also, this jacket has elastic cuffs which is a great thing to have.

Some other notes - the jacket is a little shorter in length, compared to the Swix, but fits about the same. I like the hood design of this better as well.

I did notice some feathers start to escape from the stitching. I've been babying it really, but I think this is bound to happen, and we need to occasionally pull the feathers in ?
Well, I just bought the black one.
How do the women's sizes fit? Are they true to size?
Seriously, only these 3 colors for men? No blue or anything?
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As part of the nearly quarter of men who have some form of color blindness, black and grey are always great colors that you know you can wear with anything. As to being spotted, that's what a VS-17 panel is for. I've been on Massdrop long enough to know that folk will complain about anything though.
Thanks for the interesting info. I suppose companies that make different color clothing have not taken into consideration that 1/4 of men have some form of color blindness. By the way, I rarely see anyone wear black when they go skiing, maybe except you! LOL
I received my Hoodie today and really like it. Here’s some observations:
1) it’s light. I ordered a size S and it comes in at 376gr or about 13,5oz (see pic on scale). I expected something about 50% heavier so that is good. Although perhaps they skimped on the fill but I don’t think so
2) it comes with a draw cord at the hem even though in this discussion it was mentioned by the manufacturer that it didnt. Pleasantly surprised by that. See picture
3) it‘s rather boxy and seems to fit large. Based on the sizing chart I would be on upper end of size S but I prefer to wear more slim fit than relax fit so would have been fine with a tighter fit so went for S as opposed to M. This one still feels like relax fit. Not sure if this applies to the other sizes but that’s what is the case for S.
4) stuffing into left pocket is easy and requires little dexterity. Of course not meant for long storage but definitely useful on a hiking/camping trip
5) fill could be a bit more evenly spread. I wouldn’t call it clumpy but at the arms it does seem the upper part is thinner than near the bottom seam. I think a bit of shifting the down around should resolve it. Just haven’t taken the time yet to properly attempt that.
6) the hood is roomy. Might be a plus for some but a slight minus for me. I just prefer a more snug fit on my hoods. Since I mostly intend to wear this as a kid layer in more arctic conditions, the hood of my outer shell or jacket will keep the hood snug anyway. I do prefer double hoods anyway when wearing shells since I don’t like the feel of a shell’s bare hood.
7) feels warm, especially given its weight. Haven‘t tried it in freezing temps yet (that will be this weekend, but at 8c and a t-shirt underneath feels fine).

All in all very happy and glad I joined this drop

I just received an email stating that my order is going to be canceled. Anyone else get this ? This is beyond stupid!
A member of our Customer Service should be reaching out to you shortly, please look out for that email.
Thanks - someone did reach out, and offered to un-cancel the order. I wanted to wait before getting a shipping confirmation, but if it gets shipped out, this would have been resolved to my satisfaction.
I just wanted to thank everyone for participating in this. I am excited for this jacket to get more exposure. Feel free to let us know/review any thoughts, good or bad!
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I wanted to provide an update that someone from Massdrop reached out to me, and said the order was canceled accidentally. They have made arrangements for it to be shipped out to me. I'll provide an update once I've received it (don't want to jump the gun)
I'm glad to hear that. Hopefully it all gets resolved. Thanks for the open mind!
is it helmet compatible?
I have had good experiences with my climbing helmet under the hood. Anything larger, like a ski helmet, would start to get tight. I've done it while transitioning but I also have a large helmet since I have a giant melon.
Does the bottom of the jacket have a shock cord to keep out drafts?
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I'm sorry but I don't actually have those measurements on all the sizes. I can say that this is a semi athletic fit so the bottom of the jacket does not have a ton of extra room. I wear a large and have no real concerns about drafts unless I'm in fairly intense winds. Hope that helps!
Thanks, appreciate the response. Ordered 1 and can't wait to try it on
I liked the men's black with the contrasting red interior, but that's not available to women. The gray alloy for the women is dull/hideous, and it shows up in every single women's coat, either as the exterior or the interior. Any woman bold enough to choose the yellow or the tomato wants an interesting interior color to offset it, not the world's dullest gray. Or at least I do. Anything but that alloy...
Is the man in the picture wearing the men's red (which looks more orange on my screen), or is that a not-offered men's color jacket in the tomato that is offered for the women?
The men's red isn't as orange as that hero picture is showing. It is closer to what the man in that picture is wearing. There are a few pics with it on Sierra Designs' instagram if you want to look at some more examples of the color