Sigma 150–600mm F5–6.3 Contemporary DG OS HSM Lenssearch

Sigma 150–600mm F5–6.3 Contemporary DG OS HSM Lens

Sigma 150–600mm F5–6.3 Contemporary DG OS HSM Lens

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The Reach You Need

A lightweight hyper-telephoto zoom lens from Sigma, the 150-600mm F5-6.3 Contemporary excels at wildlife and lunar photography—and it’s portable enough to carry easily into the field. It features 20 elements in 14 groups, including one FLD and three SLD glass elements, and has a minimum aperture of F22 and a minimum focusing distance of 110.2 inches. Paired with a teleconverter, it can offer 210-840mm F6.3-9 zoom lens reach, with full autofocus functionality with most recent DSLR cameras. Whether you’re shooting handheld or with a tripod, chasing fast-moving birds or the next supermoon, rest assured this lens is up to the task.

Note: At checkout, you’ll have your choice between the Canon, Nikon and Sigma mounts. This drop is for the USA versions of the Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 Contemporary DG OS HSM Lens only.

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Sigma 150–600mm F5–6.3 Contemporary DG OS HSM Lens
Sigma 150–600mm F5–6.3 Contemporary DG OS HSM Lens

Real World Review


  • USA Spec
  • Sigma
  • Lens construction: 20 elements in 14 groups
  • Angle of view: 16.4º – 4.1º
  • Diaphragm blades: 9
  • Minimum aperture: F22
  • Minimum focusing distance: 110.2 in (280 cm)
  • Filter size: 95 mm
  • Dimensions: 4.1 x 10.2 in (10.5 x 26 cm)
  • Weight: 68 oz (1,930 g)


  • Sigma 4 Year Warranty Included (The warranty will be registered to your Massdrop email account via our authorized distribution partner.)
  • Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 Contemporary DG OS HSM Lens


All orders will be shipped by the vendor.

Estimated ship date is Feb 22, 2018 PT.

After the drop ends, payment will be collected and the group’s order will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Check the discussion page for updates on your order.

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I totally agree that the prices they have offered some (but not all) of these lenses at are very good, even without the warranty. As I said to you initially, your logic made sense and I understand your position. However, they reassured us that it would have a warranty, despite our attempts to explain to them how the warranty actually works and why they won't be able to offer a US warranty. It's telling that no one from Massdrop has responded yet, either here or on the other thread where the customer posted about his experience. He posted this morning, so they had a full business day to look into it, or at least say that they were looking into it and needed more time. Massdrop has now failed to deliver on what @B.Hutch promised, which was "I have already stated what Massdrop will deliver. A guaranteed warranty with Sigma. If you choose not to believe that then that is up to you." I for one am not surprised, and hope they do right by their customers who have participated in these drops. The way I see it, Massdrop has three options: 1) do nothing, fail to honor their promise, and let customers suffer 2) provide a valid receipt from their authorized dealer to potentially get the warranty to be valid, although now that the manufacturer is aware of what is going on they now might not accept the receipt 3) reimburse individual customers that need repairs for their costs for the length of the warranty period In my eyes, Massdrop has done significant damage to their reputation with these USA warranty drops. They refused to listen or adequately respond to customers with valid concerns. We will have to see how they respond now... It's unfortunate because I really like the style and audiophile communities on Massdrop. But the only photography products that can work with their model are grey market. USA warranty products won't work because the manufacturers have fool-proof policies in place to protect their dealers.