Sign in Blood Lifepad (2-Pack)search

Sign in Blood Lifepad (2-Pack)

Sign in Blood Lifepad (2-Pack)

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Book of Life

The team over at Sign In Blood sought out to make the most stylish way to keep track of life while playing MTG. An instant way to add more distinction and aesthetics to your tournament gear, the Original Spellbook Life Counter Notebook is a never-been-done way to keep your games fast, effortless, and stylish.

Note: This drop includes 2 notebooks, one red and one black. 

Sign in Blood Lifepad (2-Pack)


With 90 pages to mark life points as they come and go, 6 extra bound pages for miscellaneous notes, and a gorgeous black fold-up cover design, this easy to carry notebook is exactly what you need to bring your gaming to the next tier. It’s small enough to fit on the table without encroaching on gaming space and adds an elegance and style that will blow your competition away.

Sign in Blood Lifepad (2-Pack)
Sign in Blood Lifepad (2-Pack)


  • Sign In Blood
  • 96 pages
  • Back pocket
  • Fold-up cover design
  • 5.51 x 3.54 in (14 x 9 cm)


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