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Silicone Gel Keycap Set

Silicone Gel Keycap Set

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I got these last time the Drop went live and, after reading some of the comments about the Silicone not staying on the key switches very good, I was skeptical as to whether or not I made a good choice in purchasing them. Got them in and, the comments weren't far off; these have a small chance of coming loose when typing, and in transit I always had at least one 'cap' come off when removing my keyboard from it's travel sleeve. HOWEVER, I converted to a Topre board (with absolutely no regrets) and got the Cherry MX key switch replacements from (also occasionally available on MassDrop) and, due to the shape of the custom Topre/MX replacements, these key caps stay solidly in place. I wanted to share this information in the event that anyone finds themselves in this unique set of keyboard circumstances they can be confident that these caps won't fall off their key switches at any time.

Also, this is the smoothest and most amazingly comfortable typing experience that can be achieved on a keyboard, imho.

Omg thank you thank you thank you I have been dreaming of a silicon key cap set for years. I already committed but if there is ever a DSA profile option I will be buying it in every color
are they actually soft to the touch?
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Dreamily soft, yes. Like typing on cozy cushions.
ooh, just make every key a dust magnet! awesome idea!
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*removes hand slowly from bag of cheetos* Oh... OOoooooooooh.
exactly that
oh how i wish these had legends :( i just cant do away with those.
how much did these cost when the drop was active? thanks
$30 + shipping
Damn these are interesting.
I'm buying a second full set just to get the extra 4 keys for my 108-key.
Does anyone know if these keycaps will work with the "Massdrop x Input Club K-Type Mechanical Keyboard"? The information on the keyboard says the switches are compatible with MX-style keycaps , would these work?
No legends, no sale for me, pity as these looked perfect....
For my old keyboard, I hope to add cherry stepped caps-lock and stem for cherry spacebar.