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SlideBelts Ratchet Belts: Classic Collection

SlideBelts Ratchet Belts: Classic Collection

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Why no option for black with unwinged silver or gunmetal buckle?
Sorry for not having more options this drop. We do try to mix it up every now and then, so stay tuned for more strap and buckle options.
Can I get the grey belt with a different buckle?
You can always choose your combination at our website Take a look if thats what you were looking for.

I ordered one but did not get a reply to this drop
Hey Ted1463, sorry for the delay. You can always reach us on our website (HELP.SLIDEBELT.COM)

Could get one for under $10 from
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Hey Raulishta, be careful with those cheep knock-offs.

Hey DanielFerrer, I am so sorry about the late response, but if you have any issues please feel free to email us at We can see how we can get you a properly functioning strap.

I have just received my belt... oh man! this is a gorgeus belt. Sturdy, good leather, nice mechanism... I am in for next drop to other model. I got Black leather and Grey Buckle.
Loved the Black one I got in the last drop, it was real leather. Looking for a brown one now but don't think ill drop any dosh on just pleather.
Hey Fuhrious, we do offer Top Grain and Full Grain Brown Leather, but we no longer have the base Genuine Leather in Brown. We have switched to the Animal-Friendly or faux leather for our base level Black and Brown. Feel free to take a look at our selection on

Why no brown unfriendy?
Hey Elsid, we do have the brown animal-friendly belts on our website, so feel free to take a look at

How about a drop on the SlideBelt survivor series
I picked up one of the black 'full grain' leather SlideBelts the last drop they did, and I absoulutely love the functionality of the buckle. So far it has just worked perfectly.

The thing I don't like is the quality of the belt leather itself. It feels like that's where they're cutting back cost to keep their price competitive. The leather on my belt is wrapped in some black material, I guess to cut the cost of actually dying the leather. As the belt ages it's going to get uglier and uglier, unlike a good quality belt that's dyed properly. And I really can't tell that it's full grain. If feels cheap. You can find similar quality, if not better at Walmart. Pretty big let down on that end. Personally, I would be willing to pay decent money for an option to get a real quality bridal leather that will last forever and age beautifully with the awesome SlideBelt buckle. Just the option would be nice.

Again, I love the buckle though. It pretty much makes up for the dissapointment in the leather. If I buy another one I'll probably go with one of their cheaper animal friendly belts because I can't imagine the material being worse than the full grain leather option, might even be better.
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Haven't actually had the pleasure of trying them but I'm intending to get these as soon as I have some spare cash to spend on belts, these pop everywhere and the reviews are pretty good.
Hey Williams_shane_a, our leathers are usually pretty good quality, expecially our Full Grain. We dont cover these leathers with any coating, that would be our Genuine Leather, that has a colored polyurathane coat. Our Top Grain and Full Grain Leathers are dyed using vegetables. If you in fact have that Full Grain Leather and you are not happy, please email our support team so we can see how we can get you a combination you will love. Please feel free to email us at for any questions or concerns about this combination.

Also check out the price in the web page
before applying coupon of 10% =36.00, after coupon = 32.4
No big saving in this drop
also if you wait some time (Days ) with the items in your cart ( after signing ) they will mail you a better cupon ( most sites will do this btw )
Hey Jet2050, sorry for the late response but feel free to check out our Newsletter at This is where we email promo codes and exclusive offers that are sweeter than the usual 10%.