Small Decorative Wax Seal & Ink Pad Setsearch

Small Decorative Wax Seal & Ink Pad Set

Small Decorative Wax Seal & Ink Pad Set

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Tiny Stamps for Creative Projects

Add personality to letters, wedding invitations, and gifts with this wax seal set from Seattle-based Global Solutions. Cast in pewter and plated with nickel, the stamps are available in 10 designs that range from roses to seashells to Celtic knots. Each stamp measures one-quarter of an inch in diameter, and produces finished wax seals about three-quarters of an inch wide. To help you get started, the boxed set comes with a 2.75-inch wick-wax stick and a 1-inch metallic ink pad.

Note: At checkout, you’ll have your choice of sets: Bee (Harvest Gold Wax & Silver Ink), Butterfly (Grape Wax & Silver Ink), Celtic Knot (Metallic Green Wax & Gold Ink), Dimensional Star (Platinum Wax & Silver Ink), Dragon (Blue Wax & Silver Ink), Dragonfly (Metallic Green Wax & Gold Ink), Eye (Light Metallic Purple Wax & Gold Ink), Fleur (Antique Gold Wax & Champagne Ink), Heart (Red Wax & Gold Ink), LOVE (Red Wax & Silver Ink), Moon (Metallic Blue Wax & Silver Ink), Music Note (Silver Wax & Silver Ink), Owl (Light Mocha Wax & Gold Ink), Paw Print (Copper Wax & Gold Ink), Quill (Copper Wax & Silver Ink), Raven (Black Wax & Silver Ink), Rose (Cranberry Wax & Gold Ink), Seashell (Teal Blue Wax & Champagne Ink), Skull (Black Wax & Silver Ink), Snowflake (French Blue Wax & Silver Ink), Sun (Gold Wax & Silver Ink).

You can also add a 3-pack of 4-inch wax sticks (+ $9). Choose a single-color 3-pack in any of the wax colors listed above, or opt for a tri-color 3-pack in any of the following combinations: Gold, Cranberry, Copper; Teal, Gold, Red-Gold; or Harvest Gold, Silver, and Red.

Small Decorative Wax Seal & Ink Pad Set

How It Works

Before you make an impression, first trim the wick so it’s flush with your wax. Then, using a lighter, soften the wax for about 10 seconds. Gently push the wick onto the paper so a small amount of wax falls onto the wick, and relight the wax. Drip 10 to 15 drops into a pool, push the lit end of the wax stick directly into the pool, and swirl it around in a circle. Push the stamp into the wax and wait 5 seconds. Then, gently rock the stamp out of the wax to leave a clean impression. For a subtle highlight, use your finger to smudge some ink on top of the finished seal. For a more dramatic result, tap the stamp on the ink pad before pressing it into the wax.

Small Decorative Wax Seal & Ink Pad Set
Small Decorative Wax Seal & Ink Pad Set
Small Decorative Wax Seal & Ink Pad Set
Small Decorative Wax Seal & Ink Pad Set

About Global Solutions

Global Solutions founder Cathy Simon started out working with high-end paper. While at a trade show, she saw a selection of wax seals, and knew immediately she wanted to learn the process herself. Inspired by the long history of wax seals, which can be traced back to the world’s first civilizations, she spent the next 8 years perfecting her formula. Today, Global Solutions sells decorative seals in a variety of sizes, along with wick-wax, paper goods, vintage watch parts, and more.

Small Decorative Wax Seal & Ink Pad Set

Optional Tri-color 3-Pack (+ $9)

Gold, Cranberry, Copper
Teal, Gold, Red-Gold
Harvest Gold, Silver, and Red

Optional Single Color 3-Pack (+ $9)

Antique Gold
Metallic Green

Set Options

Celtic Knot
Dimensional Star
Music Note
Paw Print


  • Global Solutions
  • Stamp diameter: 0.5 in (1.2 cm)
  • Finished wax seal diameter: 0.75 in (1.9 cm)
  • Stamp height, with handle: 1.25 in (3.2 cm)
  • Included wax stick length: 2.75 in (7 cm)
  • Optional add-on wax stick length: 4 in (10.2 cm)
  • 2.75-inch wax stick makes 8 – 10 impressions
  • 4-inch wax stick makes 15 – 20 impressions
  • Made in Seattle


  • Set with stamp, wax stick, and ink pad


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