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SMD LED Compatible Gateron Switches

SMD LED Compatible Gateron Switches

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I'm interested in this drop but I have no idea which switches I would like. There is a Fry's near me where I could test some keyboards if anyone knows of specific keyboards with specific switches.

Otherwise my daily driver is a knesis freestyle2 which is tolerable but not as crisp as I would like. I miss my model M :|

If anyone has a suggestion on how to figure out what switches to get before the drop ends, please let me know.
I am interested in Browns, 45g Tactile switches. So far I have only used Otemu (Garbage) and Cherry MX Browns (one of my favorites). just an FYI have also used Zealous, Cherry MX Blue and Milk.

Are these comparable to Cherry MX Browns in terms of Quality ? Wobble? Tactile?

Any feedback would be very much appreciated ...

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Thanks, I will pass for now I guess. I hate Wobble...
I bought a switch tester at the beginning of the year in 2017. The quality of the gat switches was much higher than cherry. The housing quality of the gat switches was much better, leading to less wobble of the stem and shifting of the upper housing. This might have changed since people updates molds and tools. my opinion is Kailh>gat>cherry
If you want them for a few dollars cheaper, buy the pack with 15% off $35 from and it also arrives a lot faster than may 21st
Thanks for that. I bought a pack for $34.74 including shipping to Singapore (it would've cost me $39.74 here). Best part is it's due to arrive in 8-20 days (probably sooner; shipping to Singapore is fast) when this drop won't even ship until May 21.
I bought these for swapping out the Outemu Blues on my MechanicalEagle Z-77 sold by GranVela on Amazon. DID NOT GO WELL. It was a struggle and I ended up breaking a bunch of switches -_-
Save yourself the heartache and buy Outemu Browns (either on Massdrop when they roll around or on Amazon) instead. It was way easier.
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foodrightmeowplz Where did you find Outemu Browns on Amazon? Need ones for SMD LEDs too...
will these be compatible with the Cooler Master Masterkeys lite L keyboard? looking forward to buying these
Yes but you have to solder
Just FYI, you can buy the same switches for $32.40 on mehkee or $34.99 on pcgamingrace both with US based 2-3 day shipping. Not a very good deal here honestly.
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I don't see them on mehkee for that price, got a link? Also blues are sold out on there

$2.70*12=$32.40 for 120 switches, just like the drop. Yeah blues are sold out unfortunately.
I want to get black switches to lube and put on a board. Should I get Gateron Outemu blacks? I've read gats are a more consistent switch overall but I think i'll prefer the heavier spring in the outemu blacks.

I also could get box blacks or the box dark yellows instead and wouldnt't need to lube them. Any ideas on what I should get?
Outemu Black is really scratchy. Don't bother.

Gateron Black is OK.

Kailh BOX Black is good if you *don't* bottom out when you type, because they apparently have bounce problems (double registering keypresses) at the bottom of the stroke.
Are they compatible with wasd code keyboards?
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Awaiting confirmation! We are still in contact with the vendor and just awaiting updated shipment estimates from them. We have a call scheduled and should get a bit more visibility in regards to when we can expect these in our warehouse.

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