SMRT Gadget BC Novelty Keycaps (Set of 2)search

SMRT Gadget BC Novelty Keycaps (Set of 2)

SMRT Gadget BC Novelty Keycaps (Set of 2)

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Hey SMRT buddy.
Love the fact you are spreading your wings and diversifying.
While I think these are a good start, they need to have something on top far more substantial than a sticker.
Just my feeling on it.
Otherwise, keep making stuff dude.
Got mine today... The face isn't even straight on one of them!
Yeah I just got mine the other day and they are crooked as well. The sticker on them is... horrible. I feel worse about buying this scam than I did buying eth on the uptrend.
if anyone wants to sell one of these let me know

I'm Quit!
This looks like a cheap sticker. I emailed MD to ask and they said they didn't know.
I will buy if Massdrop brings back crypto as a payment option.
They should also accept chuckycheese tokens.
Or fake imaginary scam currency like Ripple or OneCoin. Ya'know because crypto and chuckycheese tokens have a proof of work reward to quantify their estimated value whereas Ripple is just someone's centralized ledger.
Will the price be affected by Bitcoin?
Would these fit a Logitech G710+ keyboard?
The g710+ should have cherry switches, so yes.

to be sure, remove a cap and see if there is a + shaped stick beneath. if so, then its cherry and it will fit
Anyone else see cufflinks?
They definitely do look like them. I glanced at the tumbnail and got confused.
I am confused about the Bitcoin logo. Why does it look like burned paper or something?
anymore information on the design? is it a hologram? is it a sticker? is it embossed? O_o
Good Idea
Participate in
buttcoin sux
Such articulation, you are clearly a sesquipedalian at heart. Have you considered working for cointelegraph?
Is it just me or does the bitcoin and the circuitry look printed on as opposed to having metal popouts/ raised surfaces?
I mean it looks more like a badly-made sticker to me, honestly