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SMRT Gadget Metal Typewriter Novelty Keycaps

SMRT Gadget Metal Typewriter Novelty Keycaps

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Welp.... drop canceled.... that sucks
Just want to update people who have backed this drop that there are some error in the Massdrop system regarding price and quantity for different materials
Will update everyone soon when we have an answer
Thats just not right guys... I ordered these. Waited so long to actually see that you canceled the drop. I'm pretty pissed.

Even if it was a pricing mistake, its not the customer's fault. You should cover that difference and learn your lesson.

Kind regards.
Confused by the listing, in one spot(the "note") it says 2 stainless steel is "+$2" and another part of the listing("style options") it says "-$2"
Received mine.
They are a bit smaller overall than I imagined. As in, the diameter of the top is roughly the width of the top of a keycap. This is decidedly small because there is no taper beyond that dimension, so the ideal dimension it shouldn't have been based on would be closer to the width of a bottom of a keycap. Obviously I have no idea what they based the dimension on, but I do hope they try out an increased diameter since these are already round, making for even bigger gaps between them.

They are also incredibly hard to get on. I'm sure its possible that their tooling just wore down throughout the process (tiny end mills don't last very long) but brass has no flex, so the stem needed to maintain some critical dimensions. Wasn't the switches either, as I attempted to mount them on every variety I have on hand (Cherry, Gateron, Kailh, and others). Overall, they are well made at least. If I were to make a suggestion, batch check every 10-25 with a gauge block in the future to get a better grasp on tooling wear. Or possibly switch to using two prongs instead of all 4 to reduce the chances for tolerance changes (only needing to maintain the diagonal dimension between the two).
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One minor problem overall is that the MX "+" pattern has two different thicknesses. The vertical is 0.043" thick while the horizontal is 0.049" thick (at least on the Cherry switches I have on hand). If a keycap doesn't have a direction, you will run into issues mounting a keycap if the orientation of the stem doesn't match what you are mounting to. Unless both slots are wide enough to fit the horizontal. Metal just happens to have a lot less 'give' compared to other plastic keycaps.

Overall diameter? I'd say somewhere around 0.650"-0.700" as the bottom of a typical keycap appears to be around ~0.710".
Could you share photos of the keycaps please? It'd be great to see the final keycaps customers have received.
how much would a full set go for? would a bulk discount be possible? 4 and 2 at a time is ungainly
We would love to do full set, but are having hard time to estimate volume for raw material purchases. Do you have any suggestions?
Do the stainless steel keycaps contain nickel alloy?

It might be fun to use them as escape keys with various typewriter keycap sets sold on MD. I'm just wondering if people with nickel allergies will find stainless steel unusable over time. Some SS is hypoallergenic; some is not.
these look amazing! I absolutely adore the looks of brass & stainless steel..
All the products sold by SMRT are clones of other companies products. Not a fan.
Is this company associated with Jared West by chance?
Has anyone used these? Do they make the keystem on the switch wiggle or is it pretty solid? Neat idea.
I think that only four of these would look out of place, so I'd like to suggest a metal cap in OEM or Cherry profile.
I mean, I'd be more in for R1 SA in solid brass...
I'm getting Laser so as of right now SA is pretty useless to me, but I think it would be a good option for those who would want it.
I'm sorry for my ignorance here; I'm new to mechanical keycaps, but I can't help but feel these are quite expensive for something that's probably mass produced. Each keycap is over $6; which is really pricey in my honest opinion; and I believe a better value/ something that should be aimed at would probably be $15.

Other than that though, these look great; kudos to the team who's making them! :) If they ever go for around $15 in the future; you can be sure I'll be picking up a pair!
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If you already have typewriter set, 4 could go on say WASD or the Arrows, and not look out of place.