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I have purchase this M8A. after a few months, the units was faulty. Tried contacting Massdrop without any response from them. Becare when buying.
My unit did not power on and was RMA'd. I hope to have better luck with the Topping D50.
When I first received the SMSL M8A in September 2017, the power supply was bad and would not power the unit. I contacted Massdrop and they were absolutely of no help. They wouldn't even give me a contact at SMSL to resolve. I did my own research and contacted SMSL directly. To their credit, they sent me a new power supply (probably a $4 part) and it worked. Fast forward to today and I discover that the small led display has burned out. The DAC still works but I can no longer see what I am switching and have to go by feel so to say. Needless to say that I am disappointed given this is less than a year old! I guess I will try my contact at SMSL but I am not optimistic?
I have only 192khz and it looks like driver problem from smsl site, I have asked smsl to send me a link to an older driver that I know I can get the 384khz to use the dac to it's full potential.
It looks smsl have no customer service at all.


I hope somebody can help me with this because clearly smsl won't.
I was disappointed in my purchase. Felt the fact was etchef in the u rebel and not smooth.
Aaaaw yes, that sweet, sweet early shipping confirmation! Can't wait to set this up with my Aune X7S.
guys, i got back my M8 earlier this month which i sent to smsl china for warranty claim. they even sent a new power supply to me with the correct plug for my country. all-in-all, i only paid the out-bound postage. so, thank you smsl !
Sry for make ad here...I actually have a SMSL M9(AMP+DAC) for sale, it is in excellent condition, with original box and cable ...I bought it half of year ago, and now upgrade to sony ta-zh1es(which is expensive)... Thus, i'm thinking to sell my M9 for some money...I would say 350$ (brand new is about 450)... if u wanna buy it or give me your offer, pls tell me!
Are there measurements for this DAC anywhere online? I've looked but haven't found anything.
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Frequency response, THD+N, jitter, etc.

Actual measurements from an independent party, not whatever the company puts out. type information, although they haven‘t gotten to it yet.
They have now
it pairs well with the massdrop 02 amp?
I received the M8A on the last drop, and have had the opportunity to compare it to my Musical Fidelity V90-DAC over the last few months. The V90-DAC sounds better than the M8A in every case, no matter what the source file is. The M8A plays pretty much everything I put into it natively. The V90-DAC requires that JRiver convert many high resolution files, and all DSD files, to something it will recognize but it always sounds better than the M8A. By better, I mean more realistic. The V90-DAC makes it seem like your listening to an actual person singing and playing a guitar in front of you, while the M8A lacks this realism. I believe that there is far too much emphasis placed on the particular DAC chip used in units, and not enough on the quality of the output stage. Of course, your mileage may vary, but I have used both DACs with numerous tube preamps and tube amplifiers, and a variety of loudspeakers, and the V90-DAC always sounds better. I will probably be selling the M8A soon.
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I use JRiver, and it converts the files to something the V90-DAC can use. Perhaps if you have a system of very high resolution, you might be able to
hear a difference between DAC chips assuming an identical output stage. My feeling is that output stage is largely ignored with DACs, with all the emphasis being put on specific DAC chips. For an interesting perspective on this, check out the Lampizator site. As it is, I’d rather listen to 24/96 or CD on the V90 than DSD 256 on the M8A. By a wide margin....
Tizman - Kudos, I appreciate the feedback.

I do not even look at what chip is being used, and I have 25 years experience as an engineer in the Semicon industry (digital and analog).

Its an analog world folks, all that I really want and appreciate in these discussions is feedback on the sound, and you did a very good job speaking to that, and comparing it to a known DAC is all the more helpful.

I do know that the older M8 (ie not not m8A) is an amazing unit, but that is after I spent $70 on a linear power supply. still at $250 total i am happy.

This is something else people ignore , some circuits require cleaner power. I stress circuits, it is the chip and everything else.

This thing, m8A has a 5v power i believe, and i think people are using an external USB charger battery. I am opening up a can of worms here, but DC (battery) is always going to be cleaner.

I am curious if you were to try that, what it would sound like?

BTW i am using the M8 through a Roksan Kandy Amp and Kestral speakers. Very precise, very articulate, and a slightly forward sound. I like it. (As a source I use my laptop or a CA audio labs CD player. I am not going to say which one sounds better, there are too many other variables involved, sorry)

Thanks again
I got mine and have it hooked up now. I installed the software off of the SMSL website and then set the output sound to 32-bit 192kHz in Windows 10 and this runs like a champ. I have a Little Dot MkII as a preamp and used the MD x JBL LSR30X speakers and the whole chain sounds amazing. There was a significant noticeable improvement going from the PC built in line out to this DAC.
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Depending on your source, you may not actually want to run at 192 KHz. Most music files are 44.1 KHz, so any sampling rate that is not a multiple of 44.1 can cause resampling errors. Not sure you'll actually hear the difference, but for 44.1 KHz sources, that's also the optimal output. Upconverting to higher bit rate (e.g. 32 bit) is safe, and can help in the case of volume adjustment.
Does it support 220v? There is no information on input voltage...
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hi,it supports 220V.thanks
Thanks a lot!