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SMSL SA-36A Plus

SMSL SA-36A Plus

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I love how Massdrop omits the specs😩

What are they hiding, 74db SNR? Lol
Perpetuum mobile, takes 22W and puts out 30W 😂
Hi guys,

I'm pretty new to these equipment. I would like to connect it to my Sennheiser HD650. How do I go about doing it with the banana jacks?
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It can be done with additional purchases, if it were my cash I would just buy something a little more suited to your intended purpose. A cheap headphone amp and bluetooth receiver would do the same thing (and better) than this along with picking up a speaker tap converter to ensure you don't fry your Senns.
there are amps for different things, *typically* speaking you would want to use a headphone amp with headphones and a speaker amp with speakers.

i'm new as well and went through this same thing, don't worry about it buddy i'd just look elsewhere.
Does the power supply support 220v?
It uses a 24V DC brick, worst case, get a generic one for your AC supply.

PS. Judging by the size of the PSU, it's probably a switchmode one, so should be fine with 220-240V. That's my best guess.
I noticed in the Specs there is a claim that it has a 3.5mm input After looking at the pictures and description it does not seem to have a 3.5mm input. Does anyone know for certain as to whether or not there is a 3.5mm input jack? This is input is important for this amp to meet my needs.
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Thanks that certainly does look like a 3.5mm TRS jack.
any idea where I can see a manual for this?
This amazon review has a shot of the back of the box with the manual. It's not much though:
Considering grabbing these for a pair of vintage Sansui SP200s, but I'm this is powerful enough for them?
Max input on those appears to be 40W at 8 ohms . This thing is spec'd at 4 ohms but depending on your listening habits you should get a useable volume. I tend to like to be in the upper half of the power handling for headroom sake but everyone listens differently.
Does it support Bluetooth speakers?
Ken M?
i was there, i paid through the nose for thousand-dollar av equipment because "they" convinced me "good sound" has to be expensive. then i spent weeks comparing a $800 nad pwr amp with a smsl sa-50, and i could not for the life of me hear a difference. not going back!
Sorry to hear you cannot tell any difference. Did you actually try to do some sort of blind abx type comparison? I'm not saying overpriced garbage doesn't exist, because I believe most of it is, but Im just worried you're now believing instead the other extreme of "all electronics sound the same". Do yourself a favor and attempt blind tests and save yourself heartache and confusion and paranoia and spreading misinformation.
Might heavily depend on what you test it on. i.e. source material. No piece of audio equipment will ever sound better than the source it is offered. So in that case, if you are using a smartphone as the primary audio source there is no reason to drop +$1000 on an amp. It probably won't sound better than a $300,- model. different sure, but not necessarily better /with more detail.
they are discontinued now but the insignia 213 bookshelf speakers could have been a great drop.
That is a Best Buy house brand, unless they go under you probably won't see that brand here