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SMSL SA-98E Stereo Amplifier

SMSL SA-98E Stereo Amplifier

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This seems like it would be significantly better than the Topping TP22 or the SA-50 with which SMSL I think first started getting some attention. Would I be correct in that assumption?
Hey I am new to listening through speakers and am wondering how I can hook this up to my computer or tv to play tidal or Spotify since I do not have a music library I only steam music. I do not see a usb or optical port. Is this only made to habe a cd/dvd or blu ray player hooked up to it via RCAs or can I get this to work with the optical on my tv or usb through my computer?
You will need a separate dac with usb/optical support.
Get a $99 DAC from Schiit.
For those who already own the amp: Does this amp make the speakers pop when you turn it on or off?
That power brick is comically large
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I have this amp and use it to power a subwoofer. Using as a mains amp yielded a very loud set of speakers, but this is not super high fi, compared to my Harman/kardon AVR310, the sa98-e is very dull sounding
Does this amp make the speakers pop when you turn it on or off?
Who had the bright idea to take the photo of this amp in front of the powered JBL monitors? It's gonna give some people the wrong idea....
I currently have an SA-50 for some pretty small speakers. Is this an overall quality upgrade that's worth the additional investment?
But can I drive my Magnepan 3.6 planar speakers with this amp?
Those are very nice speakers. You could probably drive them with this amp, but it's seems a shame to do so, because this amp would not drive them to the speaker's full, or even almost full, potential.
I have a question this amplifier the topping PA 3 and the new version of the indeed equivalent amp look pretty similar. Any thought to which would sound better? Thank you.
Has this shipped?
Does anyone know how this sounds compared to a SMSL Q5 Pro?

The Q5 use a Texas Instruments TAS5342 chip vs a TDA7498E used in the SA-98E.

I have a Q5 pro attached to a Amazon Echo Dot, running into a pair of CEntrance Master Class speakers. It sounds fanastic.

The problem is, I leave this setup on 24/7, and the blue digital number display of the Q5 is always on. I fear it will burn itself out over time.

Plus I don't make use of the DAC or other features of the Q5, so those are wasted in my application.

This simple, one purpose power amp seems to fit the bill better, but I am enjoying the sound of my Q5 setup so much, I'm hesitant to change it without more information on how the two amps compare.
10% THD is clipping lol