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Sneakerheadz Sneaker Care Protection

Sneakerheadz Sneaker Care Protection

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Keep Shoes Fresh, Dry & Spotless

With this duo of products from Sneakerheadz, you can have some of the cleanest, freshest-smelling kicks in town. Apply the protection spray and you’ll be ready to tread fearlessly into rain, mud, and dirt. One of the most powerful of its kind, this oil- and water-repellent formula creates a nearly impenetrable barrier between your sneakers and the world around them. It dries in less than 15 minutes (twice as fast as most other sprays) so you can quickly be out the door, and it won’t stain the application area over time like many similar products. Love what this spray does for sneakers? You can also use it on baseball caps and other kinds of shoes. Then there’s the vanilla-scented deodorizer. After you spray it on, it needs only 15 seconds to eliminate the bacteria that causes unpleasant odors—and you can use it on socks, too.

Sneakerheadz Sneaker Care Protection

The Protection Spray in Action


Sneakerheadz Protection Spray

  • Volume: 250 ml
  • Drying time: 15 min

Sneakerheadz Deodorizer

  • Volume: 25 ml
  • Works in 15 sec


  • 1 can of protection spray
  • 1 can of deodorizer


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