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Snow Peak Titanium Summit Solo Cookset

Snow Peak Titanium Summit Solo Cookset

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Does it come with the stove? Because a stove is mentioned in the specs. "Stove made in Japan"

Used this (without the cup) on my AT thru hike. Good pot. Just barely fits a kraft mac'n'cheese. Perfect for a ramen or pasta side.
Will the pot fit snugly on a 1lt Nalgene bottle? I'm interested in using it in a nesting system with Nalgene bottles.
My Titanium Summit Solo Cookset arrived over the weekend and it is in horrible condition, it looks like it was run over with a fork lift and it is unusable. I have tried contacted Massdrop for information on returning the package so that I can get either a refund or a replacement but they have not responded to any of my efforts to contact them.

At this point, It seems filing a complaint against Massdrop with the better business bureau is my only option. Does any one know of any other options I could try to get a refund?
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Thanks, my VZ account is an older one that I haven't used in years so I didn't think to check it, but I guess its the account associated to my facebook account and that's how I signed up here. I checked the account and located the email.

Thanks again
Glad you found the email and happy to help.
My review after using it a couple dozen times... (I've been using a Snow Peak 600 cup almost exclusively for about 8 years, prior to getting this 800, so a lot of my comments are implicitly comparing the two.)

Packing is easy, the 800 is big enough to hold my 4 oz fuel can, stove, lighter and some coffee+tea packages with a little space to spare.

The silicone "cup" is pretty useless. It gets floppy when you warm it up, so drinking out of it is a real pain. As a cozy, it works well to keep the pot warm, but it expands when heated, then falls off /every/ time you pick the pot up. They need to either change the material to one with a lower thermal coefficient, or make it smaller/tighter.

The lid is likewise too fiddly. The little wings bend easily parallel to the handle axis, so you must be very careful putting it on the pot or you end up dropping it into the contents.

The rim on the pot is a folded flange, sized to hold the lid in place. Coming from the 600 with the nice rolled lip, drinking out of it is moderately uncomfortable. (Yeah, this is pretty trivial, but I noticed it, so I thought I'd mention it.)

The squarish bends on the handle are a big win. They are angled so that holding the cup upright is easy and very comfortable (compared to the D handles on the 600, which are impossible to control, as the handle just slides through gloved hands and you end up spilling things frequently).

Another win is the position of the handle, which is quite high, keeping it out of the flames, so I have yet to use a hot pad to pick it up off the stove. My 600 has discoloration on the handle from getting too hot, but the 800 has stayed unscathed as yet.

I originally got this because the 600 seemed a bit small, but now that I've used the 800 for a while, I find that 600 seems like a better size.
Thanks for the thorough review and comparison Eric.
Ditto on the yellow cup: Seems best as a cozy but it really does like to fall off.
Am I the only one that finds it odd that the pot has absolutely no markings on it? I wonder if this pot is made in China instead of Japan since it isn't marked with country of manufacture or with Snowpeak.
If I'm reading the info given on the Snow Peak site correctly, the titanium is made in Japan, the silicone in Taiwan.
$0.05 cheaper on Snow Peak's site, though shipping is more for me.
Wow this price is really good compared to Amazon.
I have had one of these for a while. I take it with me whenever I travel, not just camping. It is really great as a mug, especially in that it is very innocent looking and the nearly 1l capacity is much greater than it looks. Put two beers in it and sit by the pool, and nobody looks twice at it. I don't use the yellow cup as a cup or bowl, but find it makes a good cozy to help insulate.
In the description, under "Hybrid Summit Solo Cookset", it says "Stove made in Japan".
Shouldn't that read "Pot made in Japan"?
just wondering if its possible just to get the litemax stove?

Thanks for asking about the Litemax. That is a very popular stove and we'll offer it on it's own in a drop, probably in March.
Awesome, I will wait for that!
Decisions, decisions, decisions... anyone have any view on what would be a better buy if I have a Primus Classic trail stove. Buying this drop for $24.99 or the Primus PrimeTech Pot for $24.99. Pretty much just for boiling water or cooking something simple in the pot.

The Primus if you want a greater capacity and/or fuel efficiency (i.e. cooking for more than one person) and don't mind the extra weight. This Snow Peak if weight is more important (although with the silicone lid/cup it's still a bit on the heavy side for a solo cooking pot/mug). Great price, but in my opinion, the 28 oz (800+ mL) capacity is overkill for one person, and a bit small (I like around 1L) for two. Both of the items you mentioned are pretty good deals!
Get the Soto Amicus or Windmaster