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Snow Peak Litemax Titanium Stove

Snow Peak Litemax Titanium Stove

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The hard plastic(?) washer that sits below the supports (to provide friction?) cracked and fell off mine.The supports no longer held position.


I replaced the plastic washer (that had fallen off anyways) with a couple old spark plug washers and it holds position fine now.
BTW, the washer I replaced appeared to be black. The one in the image above (from this drop) are red so perhaps it's no longer a problem?
Ahh man been waiting for this drop for a bit... couldn't resist and ordered a Soto windmaster instead that had a good deal going elsewhere a couple days ago.. oh well based on my research that is slightly better with slightly more weight... now off to making some custom windscreens from bbq aluminium trays!
My Litemax plus the small Bic I carry with it weighs 66 grams. My Windmaster with Triflex support weighs 67 grams. (The ignitor actually works so no Bic needed)
I don't take the bag. I roll the burner up in a paper towel so it doesn't rattle.
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how is this different than the Kovea Supalite?
Snow Peak / Kovea stoves have always been rock solid for me, and this includes the Litemax, GST-100, and Spider, after years of use during family camping as well as Scout camping trips. As far as overall gear goes, Snow Peak is one of the best companies out there. But only select stoves, pots, and sporks are really made for backpacking. The rest of their stuff is heavy and made for car camping.
Nevertheless, here's hoping Massdrop starts to offer Iron Grill Tables and accessories!
Guys, please don't get this stove. It isn't any better than the $10 ones you can get off of Amazon, which fit the same fuel canister, and are just as small, light and durable. No reason to throw your money away here
Here's a link.
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And it is heavy more than twice the weight as the snow peak
4-5 month of daily use ? that's crap, it should last a lifetime.
Check out the BRS Ultralight stove on Amazon and a Titanium Wind Screen by Docooler on Amazon as well. 25 grams and 13 grams each and you can get both, with shipping, for less weight and less money.

Nice... but based on my research you wouldn't want to use that wind screen if you're standing you stove on the canister as the canister is then sitting inside the screen and the heat build up may not be umm... healthy... but I'm yet a noob with canister stoves so maybe some with more experience can chime in...
I have the BRS3000T and have upgraded to the snow peak stove. The BRS supports bend after continued use. Of for the weekend warrior but not good for an extended through hike. It won't hold up.
This is my stove of choice for bikepacking and hiking (or camping with the kids). Seen here cooking for my daughter on my most recent trip with my one-liter titanium Bot. There is no wind protection, but that is easily solved with a foldable windscreen or carefull placement of other stuff.
Met Snow Peak at the Outdoor Retailer Trade show and really excited to have them on our site!
I did this video for the BOT 700, but it does an excellent job showing the LItemax stove too!
The LiteMax is the gold standard of non-all-in-one canister stoves.
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Video link worked fine with Windows Edge, which is often a total fussapoid of a browser.
@abela @swimjay thanks! We had our site team check it out and works on chrome now too.
Does this have any wind guard or some sort of feature that protects the flame?
The arms that fold out do to some extent, otherwise no.