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Snugpak Hammock Under Blanket

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Does anyone know ifbthis would fit a Hennessy Expedition Asym Zip? What is the temperature this is good for?
Just started hanging so I am using a Klymit pad and a 20 degree down sleeping bag in a Warbonnet bridge hammock with the Spindrift sock. I'll eventually go to a Lynx underquilt. Will it fit on a bridge hammock? Do you think this is worth getting/using in the interim? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
Item costs $44.99 at it's cheapest. Shipping is $48.50. US dollars.
Seriously? Piss poor effort MD, go home, you're drunk.... Again.
Hahaha so true! Whaddaya got against Aussies, we're alright...
S/H to Canada is 35 USD way to much
"sheild you from draft"

I mean, I understand when you mistype one word for a different one, but in this case spellcheck should have been screaming about it.
Why not eno emberlite 2?
S/H is "just" $8.75 to Oregon. Might be worth it.
I've had one of these for 3+ months. I haven't found any way to properly eliminate air gapping at the head or foot end of this thing because it doesn't have a draft collar or even cinch cords to pull it closed.
ROFLMAO... shipping for Croatia is $54.50 (and, as I can see, other parts of the World have it barely better).
Admittedly, it's heavy under-blanket, but...
Get serious MD, and stop wasting our time. Pretty please.
Given postage costs, Australia IS Mars.
Postage more then item.
I got so excited to see this. But I have a bottom entry Hennessy Hammock. I bet it won't work.
This looks like a pretty standard underquilt design, so it might work just fine. Here's how you use a standard underquilt with a bottom-entry Hennessy:
The Snugpak quilt looks like it doesn't have stretchy suspension lines, though, and that could be a problem.
I have been looking for a synthetic under-quilt but this is too heavy. I think i will stick with my pad for now...
54,50 $ shipping ... I feel like I am living on Mars.
Got one on the last time there was a drop. Good price and decent shipping in the USA.

I sleep pretty "cold" (I feel cold at higher than "normal" temps) - my ideal sleeping temp would be around 75-80 with a sheet and a blanket.

I do have to say that the picture implies that they've changed the way the ends of the under blanket work and it looks like they have finally gone to a cinch system to better keep drafts out. If that's the case I may buy another one and sell this one on ebay.
Just looked at my prior purchase, the lead picture in that deal also showed what I now believe to be the DD hammock under blanket also. I've sent a request to Massdrop customer service to have that picture removed from the drop. If you got one before, I'd ask you to also request that the picture be removed as it is clearly false advertising, even if done unintentionally.
$48 dollars shipping to Australia?
Is that a glitch or a bad joke.
You are pretty far away dude.
Just curious. ......cant you just use your sleeping bag inside the hammock???? Why bother carrying this as well
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What Thedudeabidesman said. This is also it's why a lot of ground-sleeping tent/tarp hikers are also turning to quilts instead of bags - why pack the extra weight when whatever portion of your sleeping bag that's directly under you is just going to get compressed to nearly no R value. Most of your underside R-value with either sleep system is going to come from your pad (for ground-sleepers and some hammock campers) or your underquilt (hammock campers). Many hikers of both kinds are finding that they're just as comfy with a snug-able top-quilt with an adjustable footbox (like this one: as they are with a full bag, and ditching the extra weight.
Doesn't work, unfortunately. Your body weight compresses the bottom of the sleeping bag against the hammock. All you have then between your skin and the cold, cold air is whatever you're wearing, a 1/4 inch of compressed sleeping bag insulation, and the hammock fabric. Brrrrr...