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Will these work for a 225 lb male with very flat feet?
Is it just me or is the size chart in the description quite different to the one on SOLE's website? :/
Actually, I just realised that they've swapped around the men's and women's sizing charts in the description...that was confusing for awhile...
Mine just arrived. I ordered 1 of each in 12 Mens. Popped the thins in my Ultraboosts and I'm really impressed.
I got some Innov8's in a drop last week and will try the mediums in those and the thicks in my Timberland boots that came with the Ortholite insoles and not the amazing leather soles that came in the OG 6" boots.
Anyone try these in a hockey skate? I don't really want to change the way the skate fits, other than increasing the arch support. Definitely think the thick would be too much, but not sure if the thin or medium would work either..?
According to their site:
THIN FOOTBEDSIdeal for tight-fitting, low profile footwear with thin or no factory insoles such as slim-fitting dress shoes, casual shoes, slim running shoes, cycling shoes, cleats and ski boots.

i dont know how hockey skate fits, but im guessing it's gonna be a tight fit, like ski boots and cycling shoes. so maybe thin is the way to go
SOLE is a Canadian company, so of course they make sure the Active Thin fits in hockey skates. They are also heat and wear moldable to your skates.
Hi I'm looking for sn insole that will ease the pain in mt left ankle during long hikes with 35lbs on my back, the shoe is salomon ultra prime (trail runner). which insole should I go for the? medium one? Or should I look for a more msssive pain relief insole
Depending on how tight your shoes fit you should get the Thin or the Medium for Salomon. I wear the Thin in my Salomon Speed Cross and XA Pros because my foot is medium volume and I like that the Thin creates a little more room compared to the factory sock liner. If you feel the fit of your shoes is already perfect then go with the medium which also provides a little more cushioning.

SOLE is clinically proven to reduce foot strain by 1/3 and is the only brand that is able to make that claim. It will certainly reduce foot strain for long hikes with heavy loads.
I'm a huge fan of Superfeet green insoles. How do these compare?
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i have both, but i ended up with superfeet. Not bc i abandoned the sole, but bc the superfeet doesnt wear out. I'm a heavy dude, 200lbs. Sole arch is moldable, but that means it will wear out sooner or later. I think the arch portion of mine just started collapsing after 1-2 yrs. I have superfeet blue, and they are still holding the same arch. I've had the superfeet for about 6 years now.
SOLE says that for the average consumer under normal conditions your footbeds will last two pairs of shoes. Most of the time they will last longer depending on how they’ve been used.

The SOLE patented shape and construction is density mapped (variable density) in various areas so that they are flexible but cannot crush out in key support areas. Also during The heat and wear mold process the higher density areas do not become as flexible as low density areas and the thickness also does not allow for over molding. SOLE also uses open cell foam (think high density sponge) that will not crush at the same rate as closed cell foam (think packing bubbles that can pop).

I‘m over 200lbs and have pairs that are over five years old, but I also have multiple pairs in different types of footwear so I don’t have to move them around and because they molded the way I like them for those shoes, ski boots, hikers, etc.
Are these the new ones with the cork Bottoms or the old with the polymer ?
These are the Active collection and have the EVA base, not cork. The cork collection is called Performance.
//The thin soles are best worn in tight-fitting athletic shoes, such as cycling or racing flats. The medium soles are great for most active footwear and sneakers. Finally, the thick soles are ideal for loose-fitting footwear like hiking or work boots.//
i did not know that, and i own these already.
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