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These are on sale on the Solo Stove site for $70, buy one get one free right now, if you got a buddy that wants one it's quite a bit cheaper than here. Also kind of a bummer massdrop can't do better than $50 when the manufacturer is essentially selling them for $35
What a rip-off this is -- you can do better with $10 and some DIY
I did some follow up after seeing so many comments that didn't add up to Fritz Handel/Bushbuddy. He gave an interview to Hiking in Finland.

Mr. Handel NEVER held the patent on a double wall design And wood gasification was always public. In fact the patent to the double wall design was held by John Hall a prof at Portland State Un. Futher Mr. Handel didn't even initially own the name Bushbuddy, again Pr. Hall did. The fact is Pr. Hall let his patent go public domain, and anyone can make these types of stove.

Not sure why people keep spreading misinformation about this. Mr. Handel seems very content having more work and income, and at least during the interview was worried about hiring someone to help. He didn't seem to have a problem with others producing these types of stoves (at least Four Dogs). So if you feel guilty about buying the Solo, don't.
Not to be that guy, but seems like this could be made in an afternoon out of a paint can and wiring for <$20
That and knowing something about wood gasification.
Too true! And I have done so myself for less than $10 and 10 minutes of cutting and grinding
Just as an aside, it would be nice if the 2 minute promotional video actually showed the product for more than 10 seconds...

I own about 10 woodburning stoves, the Solo stoves are pretty good but not my favourite.
Pros: Easy to setup and use, stacks nicely, solid design
Cons: Smallish burn chamber, must (in practise) remove pot to add fuel, medium difficult to light, medium wind resistant, medium weight
Have a favorite? I'm not big on mine. I will probably sell it.

I like the 900 mL solo pot, though.
It depends, there are many great options out there. The Solo is not bad, though!

My favourite "pack flat" stove is probably the CORE 4 or CORE Recon from mysurvivalpack. The cylindrical stoves....probably the Toaks.

Just my $0.05 of course.
Yeah we have a review:

Ignoring the politics for a moment, the stove works. It burns things and burns them cleanly. It boils water.

On the flip side, there is absolutely no temp control outside of controlling how much wood you put in it. It's a bit heavy for what it is and you should do the math as to whether or not it saves weight for you given your style, how much fuel you carry/use, etc. Obviously, above treeline (where a lot of Colorado camping takes place), it's not the best option. The optional pot is also heavy. Spend an extra $3 on the Keith 900ml pot Massdrop is selling:
Will the other models such as the Titan or Campfire be offered under massdrop?
Why buy China made when you can get American for the same price? Smfh
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So you're talking about the mini model, right? I'm looking at it but it does not look like a woodgas stove. Am I mistaken? The other models are woodgas but more expensive.
I asked four dog himself on his YouTube channel. I will say that the other models are also titaniums which is a plus.
Is there the option of buying just the solo pot?
There is on four dogs website
Don't buy it! It's A blatant ripoff of Fritz's Bushbuddy stove which has been around for a number of years. Fritz is a small cottage manufacturer and can't afford to pay for patent protection from large manufacturers. Fritz's stove is half the weight and has a more robust build. Check out numerous comparison vids on You Tube.
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I would love to support Bushbuddy but as someone else pointed out the stove is $100. If I am going to pay that much I would need to see the patent you mentioned. Please provide the number. As fas as I am aware wood gasification has been around since the 17th century. Germany used it in cars for WWII.
Love my Bushbuddy!!
agree, shipping cost is important. i would like to know before deciding to purchase.