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This is on Amazon right now with free shipping for $70. Always check your "deals", sometimes they aren't.
Might want to check that's $110. You were probably looking at the solo stove lite which normally goes for $70 on amazon. That's two sizes down from the solo stove campfire (this product). The solo stove campfire has never been that cheap on amazon, not even during the black friday sales that solo stove does every year where it goes for $90.
Yeah, I don't see the "Campfire" dropping below $109.99 ($98.39 third party), at least in the USA. Gotta love and its associated browser plugin.
You can get a better deal though... if you're very patient and consider paying full price for one but getting a second for free to be a better deal. (I do.), thus far at least, seems to have an "annual" Black Friday BOGO sale. I paid $109.99 for mine but I got a free one. That's $55 each. Which is a waste if you don't know what to do with the second, but a good deal if you do. (gift the second or sell on eBay?)

One can "make" a campfire stove from a charcoal starter (similar size) for peanuts (I have) that burn dead fall nearly as well, but in stainless steel w/pot/pan stand the Solo stove Campfire is certainly more attractive and durable. $85 instead of reg $110 (not the misleading suggested list of $150)? Maybe. I was hoping for a bit less than this but don't we always? Charcoal starters are usually $8-20 and one can drill more holes below top rim and set a 10 1/4" cast iron pan (et al) perfectly on top. If one likes and often uses small campfires for heat, some cooking, and outdoors ambiance, then this Solo Stove might be for you. These fire canisters are very good at reducing irritating smoke and clean up.
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Uh... I. and others did/do research before we purchase to make our product value judgments. MSRP is merely marketing, that's all. The first two letters of MSRP stand for manufacturers-suggested, a meaningless number for consumers to use for comparison. What a retailer sells at is based upon their individual wholesale agreement with a company. These agreements normally include a "can't advertise lower than" with various exceptions for some types of sales or Black Fridays. If a product usually sells for an average price across dealers - including a companies direct website where they also advertise MSRP- then the usual price is the figure consumers should use to calculate value. This gives a percentage savings over the lower street price vs. MSRP. I'm not saying that S.Stove is intentionally or exceptionally attempting to mislead, only in the sense that most companies use this marketing fiction to help a consumer convince him/herself that they're getting more of a discount and better deal.
So if you know what MSRP is and you did your research why was it worth mentioning in the first place? The misunderstanding of this concept was so rampant at one point they created a dedicated FAQ for it. MSRP is just a marketing tactic, of which you see 200+ a day, why bring it into discussion about a product? Amazon's list price and current price often differ because of their dynamic pricing but they still reference the original list price. This is common every day retail behavior. Massdrop needs a factual number to reference and uses MSRP because "sales" here are rare.
Go with the Bushbuddy. Its the original, still the best, made in Alaska.
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Riveted, thicker steel..more options...I get it. But, this is the ultralight community. Products built for a single purpose , not for mass market. Bushbuddy: American made, small business...lighter and does the job. Also for another reason: I kinda like having something different from the crowd. So...go with the Solo stove....everyone else does.
Yep. My Dentist was telling me about his solo stove Campfire just the other day, in Philadelphia.
I said earlier during this drop that this looks like a knockoff Bushbuddy but my comment disappeared... really hope Massdrop isn't censoring their discussions!
That comment was left on a different drop - the smaller Solo Stove Titan, that just ended unsuccessfully.
Ahh, got it! Thanks!
I have this one as well as the Bonfire. Personally, I find this one the better size for going out back and starting a small ambience fire to sit and watch. The Bonfire is usually more fire than I want... this one is "just right".
I wish I could buy a ring for it without the pot supports, like the one that comes with the Bonfire. I've thought about taking my Dremel to it but can't quite bring myself to do it... yet.

Edit: Finally did the deed...


More prying than dremeling. Quite easy and it's exactly what I wanted.
You should check out the new solo stove ranger. It's inbetween the campfire and bonfire in size and has a fire ring rather than a cooking ring like the bonfire.
Yes, the Ranger looks great.