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I love it! Got the L version(Medium of any colour was out) of the light grey and it looks amazing, even though it's insanely large for me lol, im 180cm and the "sack" or whatever hangs around my ballsacks.

I def want to buy a smaller version, where can I do this?
Just got mine.. very pleased, lightweight and very comfortable.
Got mine on Groupon. Very nice!
I ordered on Dec 11th, 2017. The hoodie just got here (27/02/18). The fabric is incredibly soft and feels amazing. As for sizing, it's cut pretty tight. Bigger people might not find what they're looking for here. All in all, it's great quality, BUT WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG TO GET HERE? Why did Massdrop never give us any updates or explanation? Avoid this product unless you're fine with waiting 2 months+ for shipping.
"It has been brought to our attention that the item you ordered has been backordered by the vendor, and we do not know if more inventory will become available. Since we are unable to guarantee that we will receive this item from the vendor, we had to cancel your order and issue a full refund to your original payment method. You can expect to see the funds back in your account within the next 2-3 business days."

Thanks massdrop
Damn. After all of this, you didn't even get your order?

I must say, this process has been terrible. I ordered December 15th. I received mine today, the last day of February... stuffed into my tiny apartment mailbox (thanks USPS) at that.

I purchased the grey version in a large, and it fit perfectly fine, though a bit long (I'm only 5'10"). I did not realize, though, that the hood was a contrasting, navy blue color on the inside...

As the interior cloth of most hoods on hoodies is visible, I find this to be a severe detractor, as this color severely limits outfit pairings.

Either way. Great quality. Very light fabric. Not for warmth per sé, but very nice.
Shipping notification received
They can ship it out but they can't take two seconds to come post something...
Right? The communication on this drop has been shameful.
I just sent over an email, facebook message, and tweet to Something Strong via their contact pages, will report back here if I get anything from them. Hopefully they comment here without me having to do it for them
" Our apologies for the delay! The backordered hoodies shipped out last week. MassDrop received them yesterday and will start filling the open orders right away "
Hey just got my order except there is one problem. My colors were mixed up!!! I received invisible indigo and nonexistent neon green. I ordered gray and light gray. Unacceptable.
Ill give it another week. Canceling seems like the only option from the lack of communication.
This is getting ridiculous, and the lack of communication is extremely frustrating.
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That comment was most likely a joke if you read into it and I agree with you completely on witholding business from Massdrop until they get their act together.
Haha wow, read your comment before my morning coffee and totally missed that.
Canceling. Going to have no reason to wear this by the time it arrives.
Massdrops communication on this is shameful.
Something Strong Hoodie having more problems with a drop? Isnt this the second time in a row?
"If we find that the drop is going to be delayed by more than 30 days, we will let you know."

Well, 30 days was two days ago...
If anyone's still counting I left this comment a week ago

EDIT: Ayy! Shipped about six hours after I made this post.