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Something Strong Jersey Knit Hoodie

Something Strong Jersey Knit Hoodie

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Just received mine and the sizing is woefully inaccurate. I’m a 2x but I sized up for this, assuming it would be layered.

What I have is marked a 3x but is maybe a US L-XL. I could barely fit it over my head and it’s simply not going to fit over my torso at all. I suspect this is an Asian 3x and that nobody from this “New York City U.S.A.” based-brand bothered to physically sample larger sizes.

I wasn’t expecting perfection at this price point, but I had hoped that it would at least be wearable.
Pretty Disappointed...I've just unpacked it. I've unfortunately removed the tag. I should've known there was something wrong this jacket the moment I started hearing something metal ringing around as I removed the tags...

It's already falling apart...what the heck...
So I ordered the Raglan Hoodie last month in Grey.

Just as a warning, the material is pretty much see-through, so much so that you can see my tattoos through the sweatshirt. Looking at the cotton poly bend and the color of this hoodie, it looks to be the same material. Yeah, a t-shirt underneath fixes the problem.
Is this actually 100% cotton? The listing on their website is 55% cotton, 45% polyester,
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Every product on their hoodie page -
Confirming it is indeed a cotton/poly blend. Thank you for the catch!
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