Sony 75" 4K HDR Extreme XBR-75X940E Ultra Slim TVsearch

Sony 75" 4K HDR Extreme XBR-75X940E Ultra Slim TV

Sony 75" 4K HDR Extreme XBR-75X940E Ultra Slim TV

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How about a drop on the 2017 XBR75X900F? I'm like 97% ready to buy this thing, who else would be in?
I'm surprised that this drop isn't more popular. It's an amazing price for an amazing set. I haven't seen the 940e this low anywhere.
How's the input lag on these? I primarily use mine for gaming.
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Yep, got it.
Personally I've only seen 49 and 55 inch versions and absolutely love it. If I could, I'd get one, but I live outside of USA and even if it was possible, shipping + tax would double the price (still cheaper than buying locally, haha).
I will wait till we can get the 85 in 900f model.
Owned this exact set (this time drop is just XBR65X900E). I love everything but the Android TV OS and that can be optimized by removing the bloatware and disabling unused background processes.
the 900 and 940 are completely different TVs with different number of zones and different processo...
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If that is the case, then why does this drop's title say "X900E" ???? Why don't you edit the title and resolve this entirely confusing situation?
Those comments were from last week when we were offering the X940E in this drop as an option.
Had a feeling this was too good to be true. Remind me never to waste my time with Massdrop ever again.
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Are we for due for news on this drop? Positive news?
A few months back I was looking into spending the most I ever have on a TV. After many hours of research on reviews, I kept coming back to this TV. When the superbowl sales at bestbuy dropped, I bought the 75"
I have nothing but good things to say about it. easily the best TV I've ever owned. When you get this, make sure to watch planet earth II on Netflix. It's still mindblowing to me.
Yeah I mean other then the z9 it’s the best led tv you can buy. The z9 just has more zones and control over those zones. But the 930, and 940 are almost identical to the z9 as far as pic quality to the average person. If I didn’t settle on the A1e oled I would have bought the 930 and that was only due to it coming in 65” where the 940 only comes in 75”. But for this price I would have gotten the 940 and made room for it.
I have owned the 900E for over 6 months, great tv, just keep in mind you can get the 55" for less than $1k and the 49" for less than $800 on Amazon right now.

If you do buy it, remember that HDMI 2 and 3 are the full blown 4k HDR 10 etc connections, so plug your 4k player and any other 4k devices into those, save 1 and 4 for anything else.

Make sure to go into the "Home" menu and go all the way down to "Settings" then "External Inputs" then "HDMI signal format" and choose "Enhanced Format". This will make HDMI 2 and 3 shine to the best of their ability, but may cause issues if the devices connected are not HDR capable on those two inputs.
I own this XBR65X900E and it's $200 less here. No Dolby Vision but HDR10 & HLG and 5.1 Audio on board. Pair with a sound bar (TV sound is not good) like the LG SJ7 or the like. Excellent 4k picture quality.
Has google apps (Lag complaints) and connectivity but i use the Roku Ultra 4660 with HDR.
HDMI ARC via HDMI 3 . HDMI inputs 2 & 3 are high speed 4k@60 (18 Gbs) But all can do 4K @30.
HDCP 2.2 cable needed (18 Gbs High speed w/ Ethernet HDMI Cord).
Only the XBR930 and above are scheduled for the DV update.
This is $1,499.00 at Best Buy right now.

Sony has stated that the XBR65X900E will not be getting the Dolby Vision update; The X930 & up will.
It has Dolby vision, I also own this exact TV...
The XBR65X900E is the set I own and was referring too; It, per Sony, will not get the DV update X930 and up will.
This will never have Dolby Vision and not of streaming services use that. I got a 55" 900F for $998 on AAFES. Which is about $500 below everyone else. Must be active duty or veteran though.