Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless w/ 16-50mm Lenssearch

Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless w/ 16-50mm Lens

Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless w/ 16-50mm Lens

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Anyone know when this will come back ;(

910 users requested it man ;(
Will the camera be covered by sony warranty?
That's the same price as Best Buy...
I own this camera and the kit lens. Paid €620 for it here in Holland. You couldn't get it for much less, even now. Been a great camera and the kit-lens is maybe not the best, but surely it's useful. All in all a great shooter. I did buy a Sigma 1.4 30mm prime for it and it also perform well.
For those interested in seeing some shots taken with this camera, check out the link below.
Anyone have an idea where I could get these cheaper? (preferably in the UK) since it seems most people have gotten it for better steals.
If you aren't dead set on it being brand new CEX are a good deal, i picked one up with kit lens for about £360 i think it was. Camera was fully working, just the box was a bit beat up
I hope this means we'll see some e-mount lenses drop soon 😉 maybe some fast primes?
My local walmart had these on sale not long ago, clearing out old stock or something like that. I paid about $250 for this and a Nikon D3300 and I would have easily paid $500 for the A6000.
With amazon prime I can get this same camera and lens for $598 with 2 day shipping. Yes I could save $30 here but considering that I ordered a nice monitor on this site and it took me 2 months ish to actually get the monitor, it makes me hesitant to buy here. Other orders from here have been at least a couple weeks in transit which I understand but if I am going to justify waiting weeks to months for the item I buy here the savings need to me more substantial than $30.
too long of a wait for not much of a savings. I got a deal on headphones here but by the time I got them the real reason I ordered them was past so, not sure it was worth it.
It is still cheaper in my local shop...
This is one of the best cameras you can buy for under $1000. It has a solid sensor, a good selection of lenses, and is capable of adapting even more. The kit lens, while not the best optically, is compact as hell.

Unfortunately, this is not a great price for it. It has been as low as $450 before.
Price is not that good ... you can have it anywere for about the same price.
We are always looking for the best price for our members and if you have found one please post a link so everyone can take part in the discount.

$499 at your local Best Buy, is just one example. Just look online and it's available for $500 and under from a number of sellers.
Hi! I have this camera, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask. It has been a fantastic entry level camera for me, and would be a great entry into mirrorless or DLSR veterans. I will say that I got this camera for about 150$ more, and got the 55-210mm zoom lens with it, which I would recommend above this deal, just because the zoom lens is a GREAT value. If you aren't interested in any tele-photography though, obviously you can skip that. Its true its not Micro4/3, but the emount system has some great (but expensive) glass available, and the APSC sensor is a little better in low light. If you want 4K, this is not the camera for you, I would recommend one of the more recent models (a6300/a6500), or a Lumix setup instead.
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I have an a6000 too so I'll add some info here
If you are adapting a lens with electronics (auto focus, auto apature etc) the adapter will be up around $100 because it needs its own processor to convert sony emount data to canon or whatever you are adapting to. If you are adapting a vintage lens without electronics they adaptor will be $10
I have an old canon 50mm f1.4 and it is great, you can get them for $50 off ebay and you'd be paying 20x that for a new one.
Yes it doesn't have stabilisation or anything, if you want in-body stabilisation you have to go up to the a6500 which is quite a bit more expensive, most native glass has stabilisation though and the prices are coming down, actually the kit lens that comes with this one is stabilised and its actually an all-round great lens.
Sounds like a very nice entry for you!

Remark; would say that my personal view regarding lens is that, with this kit lens, you will get a much broader range of image versatility- that 16= a darn wide angle shot capability. I use my 7-35 on my a900 and a700 mirrorless rather CONSTANTLY.
Ultra wide lenses can be pretty expensive, I have seen the 55-200's go for less, especially used, which is where I tend to pick up spare lenses.

Welome to the world of DSLR!
what was the price of this drop last year anyone know?
This camera was yesterday on or (don't remember) in offer per 529€