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Sony Alpha a7R II Mirrorless Camera Body

Sony Alpha a7R II Mirrorless Camera Body

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3% ... whats the point?
Sigh 3%
3% discount? why even bother. I can just walk into any shop around here and get 20% off the a7R II , (reading the comments, I guess it's harder to come by in the US, but even so.)
I am an A7S II owner and as a big Massdrop fan, I have to say that I am tempted to pull the trigger on this. The quality of this camera with the Zeiss prime lenses are unmatched.

And at 42MP the A7R is as close as you get to a digital medium format camera (which costs easily twice as much). I got my A7S II for around $2700, but it was an open box from a large outfit, so I figured I would take a chance since they had good return policies. I am traveling to Tokyo next month and having this gun in my holster is going to change the game for me from a quality perspective.

Definitely considering taking this one down as well.
I have the A7s and am waiting to see what v3 of that looks like. I do like the A7r II but I'm overwhelmed by the megapixels. I just don't need that many for my shots and that requires a lot more storage (and computer resources to process). But reviewers say that the lowlight photos between the two are actually very similar though.
So if MassDrop is based in San Fran, why are their camera bodies always grey market? It's difficult to pony up this much for a camera knowing you won't get any warranty.
So Photokina to the end of the year Sony is likely to announce the A9, and the A7III. The A9 will be around 4-4.5 grand, and the A7m3 might move up to 32mp Bionz with the A7rII focusing system and will run near 2 grand. We will not see an A7rIII until later next year.
Ship to New Zealand?
It's under 3k in Dallas area that's what I go aftet
International version but shipping only to US or Canada ? Whats up with that ?
That price is high
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A local store had it they sold 4 in 1 day been out after that
Yeah, I'm thinking of grabbing an A6XXX for the fast autofocus. Nice being able to use the same lenses. I can also stick a camera on the wife while travelling (probably a tiny package of A6XXX and the 50/1.8).
People should notice that this is the international model. No direct warranty from Sony in the US. Video mode will be an annoyance for North American users too. They will have to change it to NTSC to get the right settings for smooth playback.

Also it's a great camera but for most people the regular A7m2 is a better bargain it's a $1000 less with a kit lens. Get the A7 and use the 1k on glass.
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not true, i've tested 1 hour long 4K 60 Mpbs recording, no overheating. the overheating only occurs on the original firmware. As of FW 3.20 for A7RII, they fixed the overheating. Sony admitted they set the overheating threshold too low, and as it turns out, 105 Fahrenheit is the hottest it will ever go and will stay there, starting from initial 85 Fahrenheit at start of recording.

Now, this only works on the full frame a7 II bodies. the APS-C bodies like the a6300 simply doesn't have the larger space needed to dissipate the heat, so those will overheat. The Full frames are fine, at least only the Mark II series.
Just like to add, for the benefit of potential buyers, that FW update 3.30 has just been released for the ILCE-7RM2.

This utility updates the ILCE-7RM2 system software to version 3.30, and provides the following benefits:
- Adds support for Radio Controlled Lighting System
- Improves stability in picture shooting mode (optimizing temperature control, effect is different according to temperature)
- Adds support to output video via HDMI (still mode) when using the Remote Camera Control software
- Improves overall stability and operability of the camera
I have the A7s and the only camera I'd be willing to swap it for is this A7r II. It's a beast but all wrapped up in a tiny package. Incredibly impressive work by Sony on this line. Very much interested to see what year 3 of the A7 series brings us.
This camera is a world beater by all accounts, but I'm not ready to step up from my a6300. Nice to see it on massdrop tho.
Take into account Photokina is around the corner (end of September), so manufacturers may be announcing new bodies/lenses and prices may change on current gen (or may not...). Take it with a grain of salt.
These are out of stock pretty much everywhere after the earthquake, will these really ship in early September?
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