Sony Alpha a7R II Mirrorless Camera – Flash Salesearch

Sony Alpha a7R II Mirrorless Camera – Flash Sale

Sony Alpha a7R II Mirrorless Camera – Flash Sale

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Please offer this up again for Cyber Monday
wow I missed this that's lame. I think I would prefer the A7II over the R anyway, but how much did the flash sale go for?
How much did this drop go for?
Do you think it will be able to get it under 1.200$?
Wait which one is best for video? The R or S?
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S is for Video and R is for Photo. The S is more expensive and I would highly recommend the A7III if you need video, its superior to both R and S in many ways.
Sony's a7s2 is better in video shooting because of the following reason
  • Slightly better quality full frame mode in 4K than sony a7r2.
  • Slightly better rolling shutter performance than a7r2.
  • 120fps slow motion mode in Full HD is available and it's not there in a7r2.
  • Its also $200 more affordable.

Alpha a7 prices as of Sunday 8/20
What is the source of this?
The business I work for provides these kinds of services for electronic manufacturers and so the source is private. I just take what I can and give a snippet for the current week/ span of time.
As an art photographer, who has worked with the Sony line of alpha cameras,( since they were Konica Minolta and before...), I can say little but GOOD things about this camera, and its family. I have passed on the much-hyped other brands, because, after trying them out,(there's a rental agency that I use for lenses that I can't afford, and test driving other brands), I return again and again to my Sonys. The format is excellent, the mirrorless build is FAST and lossless in quality. No vibration is a GOOD thing. That MASSIVE and WONDERFULLY flexible LCD monitor is a huge selling point, too. It's great to be able to see what you are snapping when you are holding your camera above your head! In response to some folks concerns, I can say that I use every one of those MPs for some images; I do a lot of wide and ultr-wide weather shoots and landscape work. I load all of my photog work onto an external 4TB hard that should be noted if you work RAW. I do, and my bread-and-butter lens is an UltraWide 17-35 Sony AF, so I am USING everything that this can do!
I don't need to buy this camera, as I am already well equipped with my Sony cameras,( I am running with the 7 and the 9 and the 900 and the 850), but I can say that you will not miss the exaggerated pricing of Nikon and Canon and how much more expensive their accessories are. All of my older Konica Minolta lenses still work on the Sony bodies, which has saved me THOUSANDS. Over the long haul, these cameras have served me well. The photography mags all rave about the Sony alpha line. The bodies are durable, easy in the hand,and, as a VERY manual shooter,(think old-school-still-shoots-film), I love the external buttons-accessible functionality of these cameras. I am not going to do a spec by spec review here, as you can find plenty of intelligent reviewing all over the internet. I am just chipping in my two-cents as a Massdrop community member already experienced with this camera vs. other brands in the same functional bracket. That cost MUCH MUCH MORE,mostly because of their NAME. You are paying for NAME with these others, and I got tired of doing that....
Fuss about other price-tags all you will,(funny how there are ALWAYS people doing that here), this is a decent price, filtered through a reputable merchant, unlike much of the ebay "risky proposition" sales......... I, myself, when looking for savings, visit B&H, or Adorama...they even sell through Amazon and ebay, so I know my cash isn't at risk. I have found some CRAZY bargains there on their home-site, many lenses and cameras get re-sold by them from folks who's eyes were bigger than their wallets, buying much more camera than they really could ever need. You don't need a camera like this for taking pictures of your kids on a plastic swing-set..... ;)
Again; Mirrorless is an AWESOME technology! The build and electronics quality is unsurpassed, really. If I didn't already have the same camera, I'd snap this up, ABSOLUTELY. No matter where you buy this camera, and at what price, it's truly a gem purchase, worthy of the superlatives used in describing it.
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Better to get the older ones now that the bugs are shaken out and prices are dropping.
price will really drop just when the A7R III comes out though ;-)
Drool worthy camera!!
I think it is not right time for such Drop. 1. On ebay there are deals at 2200 USD for A7R II. 2. Everyone is waiting for A7R III. So shall I buy A7R II now? I have doubts. If Sony announces A7R III (and it might happen very soon), price for A7R II shall fall; or even A7R II will become obsolete and not interesting at all.
P.S. If the price for A7R II will be, let’s says, 2000USD – then it could be very tough temptation to buy. Otherwise no.
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I have collection of Leica lenses - all manual. My new camera is broken and currently I am using Pentax k-10 which is more than 10 years old. Sony a7r will be perfect for me. But Mark II is rather old, I am waiting to see specs of Mark III and then to decide. On eBay there is Mark II for 2.2k, if MD could put 2k usd - it will be no brain decision for me to buy immidialety. In other way - I will wait till outumn when Sony usually announces new cameras. Not much to wait left. And yes, with my lenses FF absolutely needed for me.
I have many RF lens too. Have you checked out Kolari's ultra-thin glass modification? It seems to work very well and they have converted cameras for sale. You might find their price interesting.
needs to be $400 less
I was waiting for this drop it finally comes up and I'm met with MSRP shenanigans. You make it hard to defend you Mass drop. There was a time I could click commit with out worries but lately I have triple check prices before buying anything from massdrop.
Sounds like the new Best Buy.
It's getting there.
Anyone know if this price is changing since the new MSRP is $2,699 from Sony? This price is no longer a 25% discount from the MSRP. That would be $2,024.95 now.
Bought camera labeled as "international spec". There is NO user manual, and the box printing is not in English. Also there are a few labels peeled off of the box.
The most concern is, the warranty is not from overseas. Anyone has the experience with the "international spec" products? Are they the same quality as the "US spec"?
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I've heard nightmare stories about Sony and International Warranty products.
Was the product inferior in any way or are you happy with your purchase?
All A7 variant prices reflected during week of April 16, 2017.

uhm these go for $2449 on amazon
Hey can you post a link to the Amazon deal @saturday ?
I can not seem to find a $2449 deal for the A7R II.
I had an A7 ever since it was launched and really enjoyed it in he beginning. The newfound image quality, resolution, and versatility was unmatched, despite some flaws. I was all set to uprade to the A7R2, but soon realized that it would cost me a lot of money for no improvement to the artistic merits of my photography. At around the same time, I borrowed a Fuji XT1 and have been extremely happy since. Yes, the Fuji is not full frame, and yes, it has more noise in the files in low light (before post-processing). However, the analogue controls and beautiful, accurate white balance and pleasing tones offered by Fuji is unmatched. Since then, i bought an XT2 and 3 prime lenses, all for less than the price of the A7R2 body alone. Now, my Sony collects dust as it is worth nothing due to Sony's aggressive product refreshes. The perceived image quality from my XT2 also beats my original A7. No, it does not do razor thin bokeh like the Sony. I am a professional portrait and fashion photographer and I think about gear a lot too. Consider for a minute, many of the best photos found in art galleries do not have extremely shallow bokeh. In many ways, people get too caught up in that concept. In my eyes, it is merely an effect of photography and mostly just shows how much you spent on your lenses, with zero relationship to your creative eye or credentials as a photographer. Food for thought.
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You and I are singing from the same songsheet. I want the flexibility to be able to make that decision on the fly. In the photo I attached, hindsight tells me I should have shot more at f/2.8 or even 4.0 but it was a very casual shoot and while I have done a lot of portraiture, I hadn't in many years so a bit rusty. I no longer shoot professionally... I am one of those high-end enthusiasts we speak of. Mine engineering makes the money, photography obsession spends it, lol. But, when you see what a truly great sensor can produce in terms of dynamic range... you understand why the a7Rii is a wonderful camera at any price. And when you get to my age, and your friends start falling off the perch... you realise that you'd better live for today - because there's no telling what the morrow might bring.
You forget one other key point, the reach. A crop body has a crop factor larger than 1x (by definition) . My 400/2.8 becomes an 600/4. This reach is not accounted for by many since they, as you say feel FF is good. However, for birding and sports, having the extra crop reach is very nice and allows me to carry say a 1200/8 (2x TC), which is sometimes needed for the reach. I won't deny that it's worth having an FF, to have an option to remove the reach, but it's not always needed.
At the end of the day each tool has a purpose and you need to know if it fits YOU!
FYI, regarding Sony a6300 overheating, my experience with long video shooting times is that it is the battery heating up as the voltage drops, internal resistance and current draw both increase, resulting in excess heat. It may be the camera sensing this heat and shutting down, but the source of heat is the battery. As soon as I drop in a fully charged battery the camera is pretty much good to go. So my solution, and one you should have, too, is to have one spare cell ready to go. Which can be important if you are shooting something that needs to get done ASAP ;-)
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@LarryT Ok, I don't have to do it anywhere near to every 5 to 10 minutes, but I get what you're saying. More like after 30 to 40 minutes, something like that, as per my experience.
I have an A7S, and ran it for 12+h straight with an external recorder and AC adapter. Zero heat problems.
just wait for the A7R III. lol why buy this.
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Because the A7rII isn't going anywhere. A7rIII, A9... whatever it'll be called, will most likely be an even more expensive gear like the A6000, A6300, and the A6500. The A7III is most likely going to remain in 24mp but with A6500-like updates. A7rII is getting old, but it's still a solid camera and will continue to be so unless another camera in its price range contends it.
Because folks wouldn't be here if they weren't interested in saving a few dollars. The new "R" whatever it's called "A7Riii; A9; etc" is going to cost as a minimum $1200 more... likely closer to $4000
The a7Rii is a great camera
hmm. At this price, I'd join the drop if it was a US version with a US valid warranty. With no warranty support in the US for International models, this price is nothing special. I might as well get a used one for even less.
Agreed. Currently the A7R II US Version is on sale for $2899 at Adorama, Amazon, B&H Photo, and Best Buy.
Normally this would be a good price. Sony is doing rebates + trade in bonuses right now. Go buy a cheap 18-55mm from Craigslist or eBay. Trade in @ Adorama or BH. You'll get a new A7RM2 for @2900 minus $480 trade in (plus whatever you paid for your lens, minus whatever they decide to give you). A little bit of work, but you'll be covered by warranty
You'll get a standard 1yr warranty on this anyways.
Not really a good deal. Similar grey market a7RII are available in eBay for 100 bucks less.
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Definitely. This is one awesome camera as well. Bummer though if you buy here you won't get Sony warranty. Neither do you if you buy on eBay.
Standard warranty should be covered, md provides it too. It's not like one needs to have it serviced every week or so. This camera and many other cameras (sony or not) are well constructed so have it fail out the box is really slim.
Good price at $2500--but I'd second the concern about grey market and warranty. I bought this at full price and am very pleased with the camera and the lenses (e mount). I had several from my earlier NEX-7 but bought other FF ones after getting the a7rII body. IMO, Sony is advancing the state of the art in cameras faster than most other brands (and I just sold my Nikon gear), but I won't argue with anyone who is a fan of another makes. Again--my opinion--it's "not (only) about the camera."
Standard 1yr warranty is included.
Aww sweet! 🙌
Consider these things before you buy this:
- Grey market, meaning no US warranty or even paid service availability. Sony will not touch this even if you are willing to pay. - A new A7R III is in the works. Not much info on that yet. But it is rumored. - If you have not invested in Sony lenses, reconsider this purchase and whether you really want to go Sony. There are two other companies out there that make better products (build them themselves, especially lenses, unlike Sony), have awesome support (unlike Sony) and most likely you will be more satisfied with. The secret is out... Nikon and Fujifilm. Fujifilm right now with their X-series cameras/lenses are rocking the camera world. If you have not checked them out yet, you should!! - Do you really want a camera from a manufacturer that builds TVs, DVD players, phones and other consumer crap instead of just being focused on optics...? - G-master (gangster) lenses are huge due to their required flange (Sony really messed up with their FF mount here on mirrorless bodies, NOT a lightweight setup!! lol). G-master lenses are overpriced.
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Haha, ok. Shoot whatever you enjoy. These arguments get us nowhere. I've been to Sony, Nikon and Fuji camps and i have my own experiences and opinions about each. It just happens that Sony was the worst experience for me. Happy shooting!
Fair enough. And my apologies... some forums (not this one) have trolls that just beat up on anything not Nikon or Canon. Best to you.
Wow. This even comes in lower than the B&H sale price.
Does anyone remember what was the price for this drop?
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If you think that is bad language you are truly a sheltered individual . . .
Funny thing is, that was almost a 1 year old comment. This guy just hates for me, for NO reason on a comment posted almost a year ago. I had a laugh, thank god we ain't all Redditors here. :D
If Sony made a new APS-C body, I think more people would jump on it/afford it.
This is such not a deal. Why would not buy this camera new from B&H and others and have both B&H and Sony stand behind it?
educate yourself on greymarket. Even if you want it cleaned/serviced by sony, they won't touch it. Spend the extra money and buy it new.
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I haven't found any reports of Sony denying maintenance or repairs on used/grey market items and found one report that they will do it at cost, which I linked above. They won't honor the manufacturers warranty or provide technical support though.
I saw your post which is why I was surprised that he came in after and made that statement. Maybe he had a personal experience or something.
I bought an open box off eBay from BuyDig for $2700. It was brand new. Love this camera.