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Sony NWZ-A17 Walkman

Sony NWZ-A17 Walkman

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It is the same player but NWZ-A15 comes with 32 GB and A17 with 64 GB internal memory. Both can accept microsd cards up to 128 GB.
How does this differ from the NWZ-A15?
No line out? Kind of a deal breaker for me.
It has line out through the dock connector.
So far I have been happy with this item. It has good sound and good extra storage with the microSD card slot. It has great battery life compared to my old IPOD 4 128 GB or my iPhone 6. It sounds better than both. It is smaller then a smartphone and much thinner than an iPod 4. The interface is not that bad. You can get to a playlist, artist, or album quickly. At the 260 lowest price it is worth it.
The interface is horrid - does Sony support / update the firmware on this ever?
And will it last forever like my Zune HD?
Last forever? Lol, Microsoft R.I.P Zune when Steve Jobs was still around.
My Zune HD still works flawlessly and holds a good charge after 4 years.
Can someone please confirm if this is using standard USB cable or if it is proprietary Sony cable? At one time Sony used to slap proprietary cables on anything so traveling with their products used to be utter nightmare.
Proprietary Sony to USB cable.
With 30 - 50 hours of battery life (depending on audio quality and volume) I wouldn't think it's too much of a concern.

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Can we chose colors this time or is it only silver?
Only silver
Product Update:
Went from iPOD classic to Sansa Clip+. I thought the audio quality was pretty much the same.
Coming from the Clip+ to this Walkman... Audio quality is substantially better. I'm hearing parts of songs I've never heard before. All I did was swap the SD card from the Clip+ to the Walkman. There is no change in data. Highs are crisp, lows are punchy without being overbearing, and I think for the first time I can acutely understand lyrics.

I'm thrilled with this product. Good on Sony!
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I have emailed you but have not gotten any kind of reply. I got my box from massdrop on Monday but when I opened it it had somebody else's drop inside, I would like to resolve this in a more private manner so please Email me, I'm not trying to be rude or anything I'd just like to get this resolved. Thanks so much.
Sorry about what happened.

I'll have our CS team look into that for you. We'll reach out shortly.
Just checking back in with you all for a quick update. We have been in contact with the vendor, and everything is right on track! Everything should be ready to ship from our warehouse by mid-June.

Expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 6/11 or sooner if something comes up.
All of the items are new aren't they?
Hi Matc,

Yes, of course. All the items are brand new.