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LOL, what part of MassDrop's "All Sales Final" do folks here NOT understand?

There are some things MassDrop is good for, this one likely NOT.

MassDrop Made is good if you know what you are buying (Sennheiser HD-6XX is/was a bargain) $1000 Kennerton Kans? $700 without the wooden box? Buy two, they're cheap!


You get all of the 'returns' they can find in the corner of the warehouse in these clearance sales.


Do not buy! This is not a great price and you can get it cheaper / faster from other vendors.
Share some of these vendors? Actually for that amount of money I would just get a sound devices mix pre 3
Further to my earlier posts I just looked again at the Sony Package and it seems they have sent me an Asian version with 220 Volt AC power and everything in Chinese and not the one for the USA. I can’t seem to find a phone number to connect with Mass Drop at all and its getting to be really frustating. Can anyone help by giving me a phone number as this unit is useless for me and needs to be returned for a new model with 120 volts ac adapter and which has everything in english. I have paid a lot of money for this product and this needs to be rectI fixed immediately. Please help. I don’t know where or whom to contact and the Help Center is no use at all.
If you go to your transactions then underneath is a contact support. This has worked anytime i have needed to contact the support.
Not sure if there is a direct number tho.
How do I get in touch with Mass Drop custome service as my package box did not include everything that’s supposed to come with the box no batteries and the box is dated 2013 by Sony which leads me to believe it’s old and used as it seems to be repacked with tape etc. need help please
I just got this drop yesterday and have got an old defective model in the box. How do I return it for an exchange or refund.? It’s an expensive purchase and when you first turn it on everything is written or displayed in Japanese. Very upset and disappointed with this experience. Can someone help or provide me with a contact number or details to resolve this plea
please? Thanks
This looks like an incredible recorder. I'd love to have one but just can't justify it. I have a Zoom H4n that rarely gets used as it is. =/
It's one of the best recorders, but many people used it as a music player like a big brick
Yup, I remember those conversations from years ago!
Here is an excellent long-term review of this recorder:

What is astonishing is that the in-built mics record sounds up to 96kHz (!), so the frequency response figures in the specs giving a top frequency of 20kHz are incorrect. Although we can't hear those frequencies, there is good evidence that we can recognize the increased rise times of recorded sounds that those frequencies allow, so this would seem to support why this recorder sounds so good.
What's this like to hand-hold in terms of noise?

I'm having a hard time finding anything that strikes a good balance between the size of the Zoom H1 and the quality of larger recorders. The cost of this but lack of XLRs makes me take great pause.

EDIT: Also, what external mic recommendations are there for this?
Reviews on Amazon lead me to believe there is a fair amount of self-noise if hand holding. Regarding external mics, I think the reason this thing is so expensive is because the mics and preamps are so good, and Sony didn’t bother with XLR for that reason. I guess we can question the decision. Hopefully someone else can weigh in on how to integrate external mics, because some people will want to, for sure.
Yeah I listened to the samples on Transom compared to the Zoom H5. It's really shockingly good. I'm juuuuuuuuuuust not sure about the functionality of it sans xlr.

If you wanna listen yourself:
I got my D100 off Massdrop a couple years ago and still use it almost monthly. Never leaves my bag when I'm not taking a SoundDevices rig along.
This is probably the finest integrated (microphones included) portable recorder under $1000 today. People complaining about the lack of XLR really should look at the similarly priced Sound Devices MixPre-3 or MixPre-6 instead. One seldom-mentioned feature in the D100 is the optical digital input.
The dr-100 mark three dropped two weeks ago priced at 350. (fyi)
you get what you pay for - I've used both
Actually costs $774.99 on B&H.
Not that it matters, but this recorder was used as a prop in the Blade Runner short "2036: Nexus Dawn"
Well, obviously it matters , IF it can be used to identify replicants. ;-))