Sony PHA-3 Portable DAC/Amplifier Combosearch

Sony PHA-3 Portable DAC/Amplifier Combo

Sony PHA-3 Portable DAC/Amplifier Combo

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The New Standard

If you're looking for a portable DAC/amplifier combo that doesn't mess around, Sony's new PHA-3 is here to bring your music to the next level of detail and transparency. Compatible with PC, Mac, digital audio player, iOS, and Android devices alike, the PHA-3 is the statement product from Sony you've been waiting for.

Sony PHA-3 Portable DAC/Amplifier Combo

Power Unleashed

Designed around an ESS ES9018 DAC chip, a 32-bit chip with an S/N ratio of 120 dB or better, you're getting audiophile grade quality with the Sony PHA-3. And with Hi-Res quality comes compatibility - 384 kHz/32 bit PCM files and DSD files up to 5.6 MHz are a breeze. Amplifying demanding headphones is a challenge this amp/DAC combo passes with flying color - outputting 100 mW in normal and 320 mW in a balanced connection, the PHA-3 provides a quiet floor for 8 Ohm IEMs while driving 600 Ohm headphones with power to spare.

Sony PHA-3 Portable DAC/Amplifier Combo

Built to Last

Constructed with the audiophile in mind, the sleek and solid aluminum chassis is eye-catching yet understated. Versatility is the name of the game - use the PHA-3 at home and enjoy audio quality that rivals many desktop setups. When you feel the urge to get out of the house, the PHA-3 doubles as a portable all-in-one unit so that your music sounds just as good on-the-go.

Sony PHA-3 Portable DAC/Amplifier Combo
Sony PHA-3 Portable DAC/Amplifier Combo
Sony PHA-3 Portable DAC/Amplifier Combo


  • Sony
  • Impedance : Supported impedance: 8 - 600 Ohm (Normal - High)
  • Amplifier Inputs and Outputs
  • Digital Audio Input(s) : Inputs (3): USB Micro-B input (for charging & PC), USB Mini-B input (for Walkman™), USB Standard type A (for iPod®/iPhone®/iPad®)
  • Volume Control : Rotary
  • Distortion : 0.01% or less (1 kHz)
  • Sampling Frequency : PCM (PC connection Maximum 384kHz/32bit), DSD (2.8MHz,5.6MHz)
  • Frequency Response : 10 Hz - 100 kHz (AUDIO IN input)
  • Case Type : Aluminum chassis
  • Type of Use : Portable and Home
  • Impedance : Supports: 8 Ω - 600 Ω
  • Recharging time : Approx. 15 hours (PC Connection)
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Digital Audio Input(s) : Inputs (4): Computer, Walkman®, Xperia® connecting port, iPhone®, iPod®, iPad® connecting port, Optical input connecting port, Stereo Mini Jack
  • DC-In : Inputs (1): USB Micro-B input
  • Input(s) : Analog (1)
  • Output(s) : Outputs (3): 3-pole mini jack (BALANCED-L) 3-pole mini jack (BALANCED-R) Stereo mini jack*1 (NORMAL)
  • Battery Type : Built-in Lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • Power Source : DC 3.7 V Built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Battery Life (Approx) : Digital (balanced) connection: Approx. 5 hours; Analog connection: Approx. 17 hours
  • LED indicator turns off automatically once fully charged
  • Output Power : Maximum output: Approx. 320mW + 320mW (Balanced Connection, 32 Ohms, 1% distortion)
  • Input Voltage : Maximum: 2 Vrms (AUDIO IN)
  • Speaker
  • Frequency Range : 10 Hz - 100 kHz (AUDIO IN input)
  • Weights and Measurements
  • Dimensions (Approx.) : 80 mm x 29 mm x 140.5 mm (3.14 x 1.14 x 5.53 in.)
  • Weight (Approx.) : Approx. 10.6 oz. (300 g) - rechargeable battery included


  • Digital cable for WALKMAN® (1)
  • Digital cable for Xperia (1)
  • Micro-USB cable (2)
  • Audio cable (stereo mini) (1)
  • USB AC adaptor (2)
  • Silicone belt (4)


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