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Sound+Sleep SE Hi-Fi Sleep Sound Machine

Sound+Sleep SE Hi-Fi Sleep Sound Machine

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I have the regular one of these. I found the train ride sound to be particularly relaxing and soothing.

The brook and water sounds were too active for my taste.

Unlike the excellent white noise machine this company makes, I find the sounds on the regular version of this machine are more a matter of taste, and can be a love/hate kind of thing.

I also find that the white noise machine is more suited to bedtime sleep, whereas the sounds from the regular version of this are more suited to relaxing and napping.

YMMV, of course, and also I am not familiar with th sounds on this SE version. Just the regular one.
I don't think I can sleep with the sounds of babies, crowds and rides though. Unless I'm that tired, then it will give me nightmares XD
lol yeah I tried sleeping with ASMR videos and at times you wake up half asleep getting scared hearing someone talk or from scratching sounds lol.
So basically its a noise machine. My custom build air cooled computer can do half of those sounds on its own. And if I open up youtube it can accomplish the other half of the sounds.

Now create noise-cancelling machine you can plug in and place on your nightstand and now were on to something.
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And at only x 30 the cost of electricity. Brilliant.
Or load up files on a USB stick, and throw them into a radio that supports it, or for something more complex maybe a raspberry pi could be used somehow.
no international shipping...
So tired of seeing this comment. Despite what amazon has taught people, shipping isn't free, and in some cases will be more than the cost of the item.
I never said it should be free. I have bought dozens of items from different countries, including speakers and I always paid shipping and taxes when needed
Would love to get one , a shame its only for 110 v
Is brown noise similar to the brown note?
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I will probably try pink noise now. Thank you for this video!
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