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SoundMAGIC HP150 Headphones

SoundMAGIC HP150 Headphones

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Expansive Headroom

If you’re a serious music lover with eclectic taste, it’s important that your headphones have a soundstage that can handle everything in your diverse library. Whether you’re spinning a dope set, mixing your next masterpiece, or just enjoying your tunes, get lost in the warm sound of the SoundMAGIC HP150 Headphones.

SoundMAGIC HP150 Headphones

Lose Yourself

As far as isolation goes, nothing from the outside world comes in, and very little from your musical world spills out. The HP 150’s closed design, bolstered by precision tuned drivers, offers a spacious sound that lets you lose yourself in the music. Bass lovers will flip out over the chest rattling sound that impresses without overpowering the midrange or losing the balance of the treble. Thanks to the 32 Ohm impedance, the efficient sound stays intact even when listening on an iPod or iPhone. Check out what Head-Fi has to say about this impressive headphone here.

SoundMAGIC HP150 Headphones

Look Like a Pro

The HP 150s are great headphones for DJs and studio professionals, as their high quality design is perfect for monitoring. These awesome musical mechanisms are equipped with plushy foam ear pads that keep you comfortable and pivot for one-sided listening. They also arrive with a straight 3.94’ removable cable as well as a 9.84’ extension, enough length to let you move around your desk or sound board without yanking the phones off your head.

SoundMAGIC HP150 Headphones


  • SoundMAGIC
  • 53 mm dynamic driver, neodymium
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz – 30 kHz
  • DC Resistance: 32 +/- 10% ohm
  • Sensitivity: 95 +/- 3 dB
  • Detachable cable (1.2 m)
  • 1/8 in (3.5 mm) stereo connector gold-plated plug
  • 10.16 oz (288 g)


  • Hard storage case
  • 6.35mm jack adapter
  • Flight adapter
  • 3.94 in (1.2 m) removable cable
  • 9.84 in (3 m) extension


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